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hawaii pickup: blue dream :D

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by miso_808, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. just grabbed an eighth of this from my guy, some of the dankest stuff ive smoked in recent memory. couple this with my recently acquired magic flight launch box AND incredibowl mini= crazyyy bakeddd:D:D

    now onto pics(sorry for shetty quality, pics are from phone)
  2. damn that looks tasty.
  3. Nice to see what other people on oahu r gettin. :D
  4. why does blue dream always look the same haha. looks good though
  5. I used to get NYCD all day in Kaneohe... but its nice to see some new danks gracing the island... still nothing beats what i've dubbed the "natural vibes kush" that i always used to get from keoni... it has the fruitiest skittles/rainbow smell and taste and was always silverish dense nugs that cost $65-70 an 8 but o my god i've yet to find anything near as good
  6. good stuff dude. just had some blue dream a few weeks ago.
  7. looks like a nice smoke!!

    Dang...I miss my incredibowl mini! Lol I left mine back home, im back studying now.
    Those incredibowl minis hit sooo nice. Ive had such nice memories with mine !!!

    I remember after my 2 week t-break, I hit my incredibowl mini... and it was THE NICEST FEELING to be sooooo baked off ONE incredibowl mini hit!!
  8. I demand more pick ups and a better camera :D, good stuff....but I want to see some of Hawaii's Mawi Waui!!
  9. #10 miso_808, Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2010
    lol i just grabbed some new stuff a little while ago. pics will be up after i find my usb cable for my digicam. oh and maybe kid cudi can come to hawaii and get some maui wowie but ive lived in hawaii for my entire life and have yet to come across anyone selling it before. id grab alot if i did manage to find some though:D

    edit: ill throw up some pics of some earlier pickups that i grabbed. hope these are a little better quality wise...


    some random bud

    an O of purple kush

    pics of most recent pickup will be up after work

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