Hawaii outdoor PVC greenhouse grow (lighting question)

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  1. Aloha! It's been a long time since I grew or been active here. I recently got my medical card and am planning on getting my grow going in a few weeks. I have seeds on the way Diesel, Bubba Kush and Cinderella 99 from growers choice in California. I am going to build a PVC greenhouse in my yard for my operation. I live in Hawaii with a tropical climate up on the mountain with great temperatures for growing not too hot or cold good breeze and alot of sun.

    So my main concern is the amount of sunlight. I understand the photoperiod of cannabis and don't want to grow auto flowers. I would ideally like to let my plants veg longer and get a decent size before going to flower because I am only allowed 10 plants total. I know I will have to supplement some light in order to create long days to allow my plants to veg. I don't want to spend much extra money on lighting though. Electrical is extremely expensive here. I was planning on running a small light for 6-8hours either before sunrise or after sunset everyday just so my plants are tricked to think the days are long and to not flower. I have never actually done this, my other grows have been indoor with complete control of lighting. Would this work to keep them in veg mode even if light was very minimal? Any answers or suggestions appreciated. FYI I am planning on making a detailed grow journal here with pictures and updates for learning and fun.
  2. have a buddy in arizonia that does just that,he grows outdoors and has metal tubing framed around his garden and use shade cloth when heat really gets up there,he took and put reg lights on the frame around his garden and supplement the light the way you speek,does real good at it too,look it up on you tube,growing green is his channel
  3. That's good to hear. I figured it would work but was just looking to see if any one had experience doing this. Yeah light is only to keep plant from going to flower Hawaii get Max 13 hours of light
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  4. Did you start a grow journal ?

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  5. Look up gas lantern routine. To save on electricity, just use 1 hour per day in the middle of their dark photo period. This doesn't encourage much growth, but it gives you the ability to veg with sunlight until you are ready to flower. That's what I use my supplemental lighting for on back patio grows. Works like a charm.
  6. Dope! Okay thanks for the tip man.
  7. Are you still here growing? The treads a couple years old, but I thought I'd chime in. I've got a greenhouse set up (24X48) and run a strand of contractor LED lights down the middle. They come on at 7 PM and off around 6:30 AM, I know they probably don't need to be on that long, but that is how I've done two grows so far. Next time, I might just run 2 hours in the middle of the night to see if that makes much of a difference. My clones go into grow bags (25 gallon) where they are grown anywhere from 30-60 days utilizing the night light, then when the light comes off, it is another 8 weeks to harvest (give or take a week). I use ProMix supplemented with a little standard bagged SuperSoil from Ace Hardware and a couple scoops of perlite and fertilize solely with MegaCrop. On that schedule, I've gotten mixed results with the first grow (30 days veg, 56 days flower) yielding almost twice what the second grow yielded. The second grow was a two month veg (60 days) and same flowering period. Go figure. Second time around, I had huge spider mite and powdery mildew issues too, plus it was during the short daylight time of the year (mid Oct thru Jan). This time I started in late Feb and just switched off the lights after a 6 week veg last night. The plants are much larger. I'm also growing in smart pots, but because so far, the grows have only been 3 months and 4 months, I've found that a 25 gallon pot is overkill and I will probably either buy 10 gallon smart pots, either that or just fill the 25's halfway.

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