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  1. My name is Sammy, I am just coming back to smoking because of legal medical marijuana. I am 44 with 4 grown kids and 3 grandkids and a very supportive husband. My husband tried pakalolo (hawaiian for cannabis) in high school but never gave it a second try because he got so paranoid. I am scheming on getting him high again. When I first brought the idea of medical marijuana to him he was against it, but I told him to keep an open mind and now he is for it.

    I started smoking in high school and quit because I moved to Hawaii after high school and I couldn't find any weed, I was in a really rural area with no transportation and no money and living with my grandmother, so no weed.

    Now I will be getting my medical card in about a month and a half and I am so stoked! I am bipolar, and I have fibromyalgia, ADHD, sleep apnea, thyroid disease, etc. What that means is that I am always very sore, exhausted, anxious/restless, and that I have bad nausea.

    This is going to be a huge lifestyle change for me. Even though it's legal for me to smoke, there are a lot of people I cannot tell that I am smoking. Take my mom for instance she still bitches about how pot made me an angry, rebellient teenager. Even when I try to tell her it wasn't the pot, that it was that I felt lied to when they told me how evil pot was, and also how they said high school was going to be ok amd that I was going to be able to handle it when I was having nervous breakdowns from being newly bipolar.

    Also, I am a born-again Christian, which is very important to me. My extended family are too, so I can't tell them. I love my family, but their religion has gotten them to be so conservative, where I am a liberal all the way! I am going to a church with good doctrine, but not that much judgementality. It is a foursquare church for those christians out there, so you know. But I will love you even if you are an "evil" conservative, lol!

    Also for a job I am an artist, especially pottery (hence the mud in my name) but I haven't done much of anything for a while because of my disability.

    A couple of questions what is bump and +rep? and where is the info on creating your siggy and your avatar? when can you do that? do you have to be at a certain GC maturity level?

    Anyway, I can't wait to start smoking, but hubby won't let me until I get my card. Everybody- drop me a line, especially Hilo buddies and stoner Christians and those of you who are suffering with illnesses. Lots of love here!!


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    hey there, cool story. welcome to the city and you quote a post by clicking the "quote" box in the bottom right hand of every single message.

    also a bump is when someone wants to bump a thread back to the very top. (so it remains seen)

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  4. Hey Sammy welcome to the city. I'm also a stoner Christian, I'm not conservative or liberal, more independent (Ron Paul woooooo!)

    You should have your husband try some of your medical grade pakalolo (love that word now that I know what it means) have you discussed him trying it yet?
  5. thanks Ganja Godfather for all the handy info!

    & Hello Peter (that is my husband's name), I told him he could have been paranoid because he felt what he was doing was wrong, and that it was necessary for him to feel good about it. I suggested we try toking together sometime very casually and he laughed which was a good sign, but I know he will have to think it over for some time before he casually takes the plunge. He is a very cautious man.
    So, Peter do you go to chuch anywhere in particular?


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