Havnt been to S&P for awhile..

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by windchime159, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. are the people that talk about magic aliens that are gonna change the world every few months but dont gone yet?
  2. Scientology?
  3. I thought you were talking about Standerd & Poor's :laughing: Now that I red your post, I do not know what your talking about. I think you just worded it weird :eek:
  4. lol sorry, idk just the last time i was on here alot for weeks the front page was always flooded with posts about aliens who are gonna come and raise are consciousness to super sayian 3 or something

    wondering if thats all passed

  5. Lol! Super sayian 3:laughing: Umm.. I don't know, I think it did:confused: I have not seen many alien threads for a while, so I think we are okay..for now. (DUN DUN DUN~!):laughing:
  6. idk man, it's pretty much the same...

    same threads, different people. haven't really seen any original ideas in awhile...
  7. lol...does that mean youre going to make a thread worth reading? DO TELL...lul

  8. whip one out then!:eek:;):smoking:

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