Having white eyes...

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  1. While I am high makes me feel like an incognito agent. Anyone else ever feel like this?
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  3. ya my eyes dont get red until like a after a hard night of smoking lol

    Fuckin DOPE :smoke:
  4. Haha, yeah my eyes will be red after I get this itis and fall asleep in my contacts :D
  5. Damn, thread title got me hoping you were some kind of mutant with purely white eyes. Was gonna be like BEGONE, FOUL DEMON! :[ ah well...

    Nobody's ever really accused me of being stoned 'cept for people in the grocery store at 3 AM when I used to pick up munchies with my retarded ass friends, so I've never really had a problem with it and I've never had to use vi-sine or anything like that before o_O Though my sister could usually tell, aha.
  6. Nah because I'd be squinting like a mofo with a shitfaced grin
  7. When your eyes go from doe to ***** it doesn't matter how white they are.
  8. Fuck eyedrops

    somebody gave me some minty eye drops! wtf is that, i thought i was going to be blind
  9. I only put eye drops in if I'm gonna be with hot girls since I don't wanna look like a goon. But besides that, fuck em. I embrace my highness in public
  10. My eyes usually stay clear.
  11. If my eyes are red, I blame it on the fact that I wear night and day contacts and my eyes are easily irritated. :smoking:
  12. Apparently girls love the stoner eye thing

  13. Understandable, they apparently love our sleepy voice as well.
  14. I'm usually 2 foot off the ground floating and freaking the fuck out so na.

  15. haha you must be talking bout this one right? that one is painful.


    My eyes almost never get red but they get so dry so I have use eye drops sometimes. But it's great when your eyes don't get red you can smoke and go out anywhere and no one can tell shit :D

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