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Having weed you can't smoke...

Discussion in 'General' started by Diplo, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Doesn't it suck having weed that you can't smoke whenever you want? I'm visiting my parents right now, have weed with me but have to wait for the most inconvenient times to smoke around them.
  2. same story for me. sucks dick. but im high right now so hooha.

  3. Yeah, I wasn't but so I smoked a big bowl of bubba kush so I solved that problem.

    Luckily when I go visit home I've got my own bathroom with it's own window, so I smoke secretly when I'm able to.
  4. Same here haha. My parents go to bed and I go to the laundry room, rip my bong, blow smoke into my spoof, and head back to my room.
  5. Just save your weed and go on a quasi t-break, thats what I do when smoking is inconvenient. Helps keep the tolerance real low :D

    I have nug I could be blazing right now, but I prefer the sober life with a bit of high life sprinkled in, not the other way around if you feel me.
  6. ^ You just talked me into a T-break haha that spoke to me

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