Having weed with someone who has never had

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by OkayOK, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I smoke by myself most of the time. In those social situations where I do smoke, I am smoking with veterin smokers, all I have to worry about is myself.

    My wife of 15 years got bad news about a family member last night. She asked if she could have a little weed. I obliged, and wish I never did.

    She has never been stoned before, and I think my dosing was way out for her. Turns out emotional distress and weed are not best friends. I spent my whole high trying to calm my wife down, ensure she did not puke etc....

    Worst part, as she settled into to the high after the initial shock. She said she was going to have the most mind-blowing sex with me. I got my motor running, we jumped into bed, and after some light foreplay, she feel asleep mid stroke. Fuck that

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  2. Sorry laughing, not laughing! What a story. Sweet girl your wife. Next time, easy does it. That way you'll get the giggling girl and the hot sex!
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  3. I mean...nah...not gonna make consent jokes.
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  4. I might know what your thinking
  5. Weed is strong stuff. One lil puff is all she needed.
  6. It's like...I know it's there...I know I thought it...but I'm not gonna say it...it's not like I made myself think it ha...I still feel like I kind of won over evil this time.
  7. Can I ask how much weed your wife actually ingested, and via which method/recipe?
  8. She has mostly sobered up by that time, so that's not an issue

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  9. She had half a joint of my homegrown weed.

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  10. Shit. If there's a next time, I guess just one hit then some hot tea?
    The timing may have felt right, but as you say probably wasn't right...bit of an emotionally overwhelming time, and I guess she could have thought it would help...and elements of it may have...but yeah I think that it was a bit of a confusing situation, and yeah things clashed a bit.
    Glad she's ok though and it kind of just resulted in her getting probably a great sleep.
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  11. Thanks everyone. For me, my emotions have no effect on my high experience. Alcohol is a whole difference kettle of fish. Smoking relaxes me, and very seldom do I feel paranoid. I never took into account how different my wife would be. She has smoked before and never been high. Last time she had was during a trip to Simi Valley, California, in a cops house of all things. She never got high. I told her to smoke slowly small breaks in between puffs until she was high. She did not take small puffs, she looked like a stream train lol

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  12. You had the best of intentions, and now she's learned a small lesson about tolerance. All is well now I take it?
  13. Yes, she asked for more last night, I refused and told her to wait for the weekend when she does not need to work the next day, but in all honesty, I just could not face it again. I think I was more freaked out than her knowing that she was freaking out

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  14. Bear in mind the existing volatility of the situation was probably most of what did it...she'll likely not have family death at the forefront of her mind as new news any more...that plus, I'd say...honestly? Limit it to one hit, go 10-15 minutes, see how she goes.
  15. update when the weekend cums, then? :)
  16. I have always dreamed of having my wife toke with me. However, with her career any criminal record would destroy everything she has achieved so she has avoided it. Over a year ago, it was decrimilised here in South Africa, but the vagueness of the court order basically leaves prosecution up to the descretion of each Police Officer and there is still a major stigma here, so she has avoided it. I have involved the police in every single part of my legal weed journey from inspecting my grow patch to seeing how I store it and that it is safe from children. I think my very orthodox and legal approach has convinced her to give a go again. I hope so, and I hope she enjoys the next go

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