Having trouble with my wireless router

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  1. I can't connect my laptop or my XBox Live to the wireless network in my house. It shows that the network is available, but when I try and connect it won't, and the detail message says "router cannot assign IP address" or something like that. I know the network works because I'm currently browsing from my desktop wirelessly. Anyone know what's up?
  2. first thing i would try is unplugging the router for a min and letting your connection reset..

    and what kind of router do you have?
  3. A reset likely won't work. Sounds like the router DHCP is off. Does your network have IP addresses that are set manually?
  4. Id say look for a new router man i was having pretty much the same problem, and yesterday i picked up a new one and no problem with connecting to the network so far:smoke:
  5. i would reset it.what kind of a router do u have?
    reseting is really easy ,if you dont know how ,in the box there's a guide for resetting and other stuff ,follow the steps and im sure itll be ok

    if reseting doesnt work i think u might need a new router..althou im 100% sure resetting will solve your problem
  6. hard reset, restore to default settings on the router.

    remove the software from your computer that came with it.

    re-install the router without the software. it can be done. just enter in your default IP address of the router.

    make your settings, and plug it in!
  7. Put a password on your wireless so that there aren't so many people stealing your net. Then it should be able to assign you an ip with no problem.

    You're going to have to do a hard reset before you can do that though. Should be a small hole in the back that you can stick a pen in.

    make sure you have a password for your wireless, otherwise that will happen again.

    another thing to think of:

    what if someone looks at child porn with the internet they are stealing from you? you get thrown into prison because it's your connection. if you have a password on your wireless they can't do that.

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