Having trouble diagnosing plants..need help from my fellow organic gardeners

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    I am using the clakamas coots mix from builasoil with equal parts of wormpower/bumper crop X perlite X peat.
    I have looked at plant diagnosis charts but I am still having a hard time figuring out whats going on.
    I had these guys in solo cups not to long ago, almost a week ago I transplanted them, so they are still adjusting...but the problem still seems to persist. 
    They seem like they grow fairly slow but are strong and sturdy...the newer growth comes in dark green and the older growth turns pale green/yellow. 
    what does this look like to you all? 
    even the cover crop is yellowing 
    here is another plant that has more yellowing on edges

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    im thinking nutrient burn...I havn't really been feeding but im wondering if the soil is too rich...
  3. Did you ever get any water with nutrients in it on the leaves?
  4. What oh is your water I know it's organic soil bit my phone from tap is 8.5-9 from tap and even my organic soil can't handle that so I drop it to 6.5and my girls go insane but that only works if the oh of your water is way high. If not then when you water they and not get any splash on your leaves, if that doesn't work test your actual soil levels for proper NPK levels which you shouldn't have to do if you kept the organic soil simple...
  5. Soil that is not completely composted will consume nitrogen while trying to break down the raw components.
    peat and perlight have almost nothing so all its getting is a good dose of worm poo and whatever bumpercrop is.
  6. There's nothing wrong with your plants.
  7. Agree ^^^^^
    they are fine, you fuck with them too much and they will be fucked up!
  8. There is no such thing in an organic garden - there is a possibility of insufficiently cycled soil but not too rich of a soil.

  9. "If that doesn't work test your actual soil levels for proper NPK levels"

    NPK is overrated.

  10. may help

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    yeah was thinking the same thing..
    plants look fine to me as well OP.
  12. Sometimes the problem isn't always within the soil. It could be environmental problems and/or stress. I would just 2nd check my temp, humidity, and airflow, then let it do its thing. Your plants are ok tho imo. 
  13. Some pest damage can disguise itself to look like a nutrient problem. Look over your plants very well with a jewler's loupe or magnifying glass, be sure to scour the leaves and their undersides. Pests are simple if you catch them early, wait and you'll be sorry.
    If there's no pests around, then your plants look great!
  14. great feedback everyone, thanks. 
    I do feel my plants are ok, they just don't look as radiant as they could imo and that is because of x, x and x. I have a feeling things will improve with time as the soil breaks down more and more and they make themsevles at home a little more.
    I started lst/toppin early with these guys, has slowed them down a lot IMO thus far. With my other seedlings I will give them a few more weeks than I did these guys. 
    gals** :)

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