Having Trouble Deciding If Your Roll Is LEGIT???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by neff, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Find out easily and be informed of which pills to look out for and which are bombbbb. GO to Pill Reports - Ecstasy Test Results Database by Enlighten . Bookmark it so you never forget, better safe than sorry!

    I see lots of threads asking about certain pills and this is the answer to all of them, please look here before asking. IF IF, for some reason your pill is not there, then ask on here. And please spread the word about this site to any other rollers you know how there, keep them safe and keep yourself safe.

    Happy rolling :):wave:

    P.S I Can't tell you how many times this site has saved me from a terrible roll. I've yet to have one since I discovered this site.
  2. Even with this good website, you still can't be 100% sure you have the same roll. If it is from the same area then yes that might be a better indication, but if you're not then I wouldn't trust most of the user reports.

    The best and safest method is to invest in your own testing kit, which cost as little as 20 to 50 depending on how thorough you want your kit to be. Dancesafe and ez test kit are both reliable online sources.

  3. I second that too. A kit is the only true way to know, but if the site says a pill is bad and you have it, odds are its going to be a bad one too. So it can save you in that sense... but to anyone that can't get a testing kit due to no credit card and what not... I remember a site that will take cash in the mail.. so you can be safe with a kit without needing your parent's credit card :)>
  4. If this is to try and prevent people from posting threads asking about rolls, I doubt this will be successful lol. Most people don't bother to search, they just post right away

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