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    For a while I was worried I might be diabetic... Any amount of water I drank made me have to pee. I had been drinking probably three 16
    ounce bottles a day, plus two or three 16 ounce glasses of milk.

    I tried cutting back on the carbs and adding more protein and fat, 4 eggs for breakfast, a large chicken breast for lunch, and a steak or pork chop for dinner. I really didn't want diabetes, plus I was trying to build muscle. It didn't really seem like the changes in my diet were helping. I concluded that I must be drinking too much water. I had to get up and pee two or three times a night... I was definitely drinking too much water and or diabetic.

    A couple other problems I was having in addition having too pee all the time were that I was frequently constipated and got dizzy sometimes if I
    had been squatting to do work for a few minutes and then stood up.

    The constipation was from not enough fiber I guess, which is slightly odd; I thought I ate plenty of vegetables and whole grains. I tried to eat
    more of them, but the problem seemed like it was getting worse. Was I building up a tolerance to Flip Board and Reader's Digest? Why did it
    take 20 minutes for me to take a shit?

    A couple weeks ago, Friday after work, I just decided to drink a bunch of water. Just kept slamming them down like I was trying to get drunk. Yeah, be up pissing all night, but whatever, I didn't have to work Saturday! Surprisingly, I only had to pee one time even though I had had 5 or 6 bottles of water right before bed.

    Curious about this phenomenon, I drank up a bunch more waters Saturday. Still not peeing more than usual, but some strange things started to happen.

    It started to feel different when I peed. I had been used to a mild burning senstation when I urinated. This went away. I assumed that the tingle was from the velocity or pressure of the stream, but now it was gone and I was relieved to be rid of it! Also, my urgency to urinate was decreasing; the sensation in my bladder that told me to go piss eased up.

    Maybe all this water is doing something good, I thought. Sunday I kept on chugging and recognized another change; my voice was sounding better. My vocal cords felt less creaky and I could sing better.

    With all this water I was drinking, I was not quite as hungry and didn't eat nearly as much meat over the weekend as I would have normally. I was starting to feel pretty good, actually. My mood was improving, my knees were starting to feel better, I was more awake

    Monday, I called my doctor to find out what was up with all of this. I told him about what my diet had been and how I had changed it, and asked him about the burning urine going away. He informed me that the excess protein I was eating had been dehydrating me. Before I started changing my diet, my body was using every ounce of water it could spare to detoxify all the protein waste. "That's why you had to pee all the time, not because of blood sugar problems."

    "Protein waste, what do you mean," I debated, "My body needs protein to repair muscles!"
    "Remember how you said it burned when you peed," he asked, "That was because the concentration of uric acid in your urine was so high. Extra protein your body cannot utilize is broken down into uric acid and ammonia and excreted in your urine."

    I asked if my old diet was bad for my kidneys and bladder. He told me I probably had not been doing them any favors. Bad mood and tiredness are symptoms of dehydration too. One bottle of water isn't going to fix it, it takes many, over the course of days, to fix chronic dehydration.

    That agrees perfectly with what I had been finding out through drinking more water. I continued to drink the next week, and it started getting easier to poop. Not at first though. I took a stool softener to get things moving, had my first big dump, and things got better after that.
    I noticed too, my armpits were stinking less. Actually hardly at all anymore. This apparently had something to do with too much protein or not enough water. I believe that I have reached full hydration and I feel pretty good. I have less anxiety than I used to, which is amazing. It makes sense to me now how dehydration can cause anxiety; if my body is worried it doesn't have enough water and it's gonna die, there will be warning messages psychologically. I never made the connection though. Being hungry all the time? That was actually thirst. Before my "water awakening" I was aware that thirst can be mistaken for hunger, but I thought if I drank one bottle of water and was still hungry, I must actually be hungry.

    All these warning signs of dehydration I had been missing I had been mistaking for other problems!
    -dizziness, anxiety, sore joints, tiredness, "ADD" ,apathy, lethargy, excessive hunger, constipation, boy was I a mess!

    Guess what, all that shit and more was FIXED by drinking more water! I had been overlooking the most basic, easiest, cheapest thing I could thing I could do to help myself because I was caught up in my culture's pattern of overthinking problems and trying high power, high risk solutions. How could I have been so stupid? Seriously, I have been battling the problems I mentioned for... the majority of my life, and never recognized the answer. Nobody else around me seemed to either. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Once I got hydrated, I found that 4-5 bottles a day keeps me straight on light activity days. It takes more if I work hard, eat a lot, or am outdoors.

    I have seen the light and my mind is blown! Water is the key to life.
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  2. 3 16 oz glasses of milk a day? Lol
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    I didn't read anywhere close to all of that.
    But I'm hypoglycemic and have to pee all the fucking time. All I drink is bottled water and craft beer ......It's annoying as fuck tho
    I have to plan my trips so I know I can piss if I have too and am up and down all night to the bathroom.
  4. sorry.

    briefer summary

    found out having to pee all the time was from too much protein.

    Any water I drank was used to flush out the excess, which left me chronically dehydrated.

    I cut back on the meats and dairy and started drinking more water.

    now I don't have to pee all the time, I can poop, I feel much better and have fewer/less severe negative psychological conditions.

    It takes several days of drinking lots of water to get fully hydrated, but the difference it made for me was life and outlook altering
  5. Wow quite a eye opener, the protein angle is very interesting, because my PT is pumping me with protein, but I feel like it is to much at times.
  6. If you're only consuming 100 grams of protien a day it shouldnt be getting pissed out if you're working out hard enough. Your pee will be cloudy if its full of protien, happens to me if i drink 5-6 protien shakes a day. Id swap the milk for protien shakes if i was you, they have better nutrients and dont increase your estrogen levels!
  7. Well I think I'm not working out hard enough for the amount of protein and I def not drink enough water
  8. Usually if your muscles are overly sore the day after a workout then you've not had enough protien the day before. Also if you don't drink enough water switch to coconut water it's so much better for hydration and contains its own electrolytes. They use it in 3rd world country's for emergency situations!
  9. my pee used to be very yellow and cloudy. It burned when I peed too.

    I was probably consuming 200 g a day.

    now it's more like 100 and I have not lost strength or muscle mass, and post workout soreness doesn't last longer than it did before

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