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Having thiefing issues?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justind, May 27, 2010.

  1. Well recently it seems like im getting my shit robbed by peeps, or maybe im just getting to high and forgetting where im putting them. Started a week ago when I bought chocolate flavored rolling papes and the next day when I woke up they where gone, few days after that my grinder was nowhere to be found. BUT the worste part is this morning I was looking forward to a little wake'n bake BUT MY STASH is nowhere to be found. I have lots of people in my house usualy. but im jus' getting pissed off :mad:
  2. break legs and ask questions later, desinate a spot for all you stuff where you always put it to rule out mis placing it first
  3. Dude, like others have suggested, learn to put all your shit in ONE spot(I would suggest a NEW secret spot due to all of your "traffic" in your house), but this isn't even the most important part.

    The most important rule in keeping your shit together. Always, ALWAYS put your shit away immediately after you're done smoking, before your high really sets in and you get too baked. Otherwise, you will always be sitting back questioning yourself "did someone steal it, or did I just forget again?"
  4. Countless times have i went to bed, stnd thinking this is a great new hiding spot. Only to wake and find that i have forgotten? beat place in PC or Shoes!

    Are you sure your not jus dreamin that you had them? Happend to many of times you dnt have any smoke and then you dream you do and wake up only to be disapointed lol
  5. lol, IM pretty sure I had some weed since I crashed in the spare bedroom last night, must of been too baked. But yeah, the only reason I don't always bother with a hidding spot is because the only people who EVER have any real access to my weed or tools are people that I really trust. But then again I guess you cant trust anyone? :smoking:

    EDIT: now that I think about it.. ima go check the spare bedroom now.. since I crashed there! I'll keep you guys informed.

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