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Having Someone Smoke For The First Time.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JohnyButt, May 21, 2013.

  1. So, my girlfriend is starting to want to try smoking for her first time. I'm totally excited for this, smoking with previous girlfriends provided some of my favorite marijuana experiences.

    However, I have never had someone smoke for their first time. My first time was beautiful, but a couple of times after that I had one of the most intense and terrifying panic attacks I can possibly imagine. (I smoked way too much, way too fast, while no one was around, so my panic attack was understandle for someone who was new to the effects) Knowing what can potentially happen to a novice smoker first hand, I'm some what uncomfortable with having the responsibility of potentially making her freak the fuk out.

    I might be over thinking this because I would hate to see someone I care about so much being in so much psychological pain. But regardless, I would be very interested and thankful if you have any input on any of this, or have any advice on having someone smoke for the first time.
  2. have them in a chill enviornment
  3. Have her go slowly at first. Only give her a few hits, then have her take a break.  If she needs more, give more hits as needed.  Don't get her as baked as possible on her first time, just a buzz or mellow high is fine.  Then just chill. If she freaks out, gently calm her down.  Just make sure its an enjoyable experience and more fun times will come.
  4. I think the method of consumption will also affect the outcome; smoke a j or light a bowl from a pipe. Bongs/ bubblers will probably freak her out the first time. Just be in a chill environment she feels safe in and left her have a toke. If she doesn't feel anything then let her have a few more. I didn't really feel anything the first time I tried weed, guess it differs from people to people.
  5. Try calming her if she gets scared let her its going to be okay and that she's not dreaming. Keep reminding her of that.
  6. Don't have her get too high at first, try to avoid her drinking, and definetly be in a comfortable, safe environment so that she has no reason to get anxious. Other than that, just make sure you have entertainment and snacks.:)

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