Having some problems with indoor/outdoor veg

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  1. Trying to grow a few dispensary clones. Planted them in Blue Ribbon potting soil, and have been watering them every ~2 days or so when they feel dry an inch or two down. No nutes yet. running them under veg flourescents at night, out in the sun from 12-6pm or so then back under lights.

    4 of the clones (all blue dream) are having real problems. Grown about 9"-10", but all the leaves are wilty, lots are yellow/dying, they just aren't seeming to perk up. Going to try some superthrive, I'm guessing they aren't developing a strong root structure.

    At the beginning, I was watering really lightly, and just right around the stalk (in a gallon pot). Now I'm watering more heavily, all around the soil (figured that may encourage root exploration more than central watering). Looks like a bit more growth, but the leaves still look like shit :( Also, I've been using muni tap water (left in the can outside for a day or two), should I be switching to Brita filtered water? Pic 1 is from early in their planting, Pic 2 is Sunday (after soaking them Thursday night and leaving until Sun afternoon)

    I have one other clone (different strain, indica? picture 3) that's looking strong (if a bit short, maybe due to my poor watering technique early?). None of the problems the other 4 plants (sativa dominant?) have been having.

    Anything obvious I'm not doing? Is moving them in/out every day hurting them? I should note that altho I'm watering quite frequently (every day or two), I'm only doing it when the topsoil is dry, and all pots have plenty of holes for drainage, and a good perlite mix for air. Thanks in advance for the help!

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  2. Welcome to Grasscity hello ladies :wave:

    Water when the top inch of soil is dry.

    You should also test your ph level

  3. Thanks for the invite! :wave:

    I've always heard "cannabis is a weed... it'll grow in a ditch with terrible soil and little to no water" Why the hell am I having such a hard time!! lol

    I just read that Haze is some of the hardest to grown, and those 4 ladies are Blue Dream (80% haze I think?)... could explain some of it.

    Those plants look like pH issue to you? I'll definitely look into that. Thanks!
  4. And, since you didn't mention it... you think moving my pots inside at night to lights is ok? Or would they be better outside with dark at night, or better inside 24/7? I'm trying to keep them lit 24h, but they just don't seem to be thriving on it (well, the 4 anyways... that other one's a trooper!)
  5. I'm new to this but shouldn't you give your plants time to sleep with no light. If you have an area where you can safely outside, I would keep them outside ain't nothing like legit sunlight.
  6. IMO outdoor plants should outdoors

  7. My only issue with this is because of the alignment of my house/neighbors, the best place to keep the plants only gives them ~7-8 hrs of direct sunlight. I've read that cannabis doesn't have the refractory period other plants require, and as such can be under light 24hrs in it's vegetative state.

    Is any of this wrong? Would I really be better leaving them with 7-8 hrs of direct light outside only, vs 24 hrs of light (8 outside, 16 under fluorescents)? Doesn't seem right, considering how hearty a weed is supposed to be, and the fact that by leaving them outside I don't even get 1/3 of that direct light... but like I said, I'm a noob
  8. Hit them with about a quart of water each with some super thrive mixed in, hopefully that'll help them with this shock and get them back to rooting properly... worth a shot anyhow
  9. [quote name='"hello ladies"']Hit them with about a quart of water each with some super thrive mixed in, hopefully that'll help them with this shock and get them back to rooting properly... worth a shot anyhow[/quote]

    Hopefully its not a ph problem, since you went ahead and fed them.

  10. I really don't think it is, considering I've been treating another plant exactly the same and she's thriving :/
  11. thinking back, I believe my girlfriend transplanted these into soil she used from something else, so they very well may be in worn out soil. Look at the nutes she's mixed today, and it's probloom 1-4-5

    I'm leaning towards a major nitrogen deficiency at this point. brb pissing in my pots :eek:

  12. Are you serious? This is not how you properly feed your plant nitrogen.
  13. definitely kidding, doesn't come across well online I suppose :wave:

    I want to buy the fox farms nute trio for this next run of seeds I have going, would 6-4-4 grow big work well at this point (full strength? warm up at 1/4 or 1/2 strength?), or you suggest something more organic like worm castings and just water it down?
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    Oh hahaha I see many noobs actually do this :laughing:

    And I would start at 1/4 strength, then 1/2, then full strength.

    Or you could eventually transplant and go completely organic. If you can figure out a good 5 gallon soil mix, all you need to do is water throughout it's life.

    Look into the Organics Section

  15. You think it's a good idea to transplant if they're already hurting? I figured I'd try to go as easy as possible on them, but I could toss em into a fresh pot of dirt if that's a better idea, and just skip the nutes for a while
  16. Might be a good idea, but you never know if the extra stress could kill them. I'd be very careful transplanting

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