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  1. My friend is having some issues with some plants of his. He said they are 10 days old now. To start off with he had them floating on top of the water in star foam. Today I Helped him put them in the medium, But noticed that all 4 plants look different. 1 has been strong since day 2, 1 has been short and stayed short. 1 has been growing decent BUT now is starting to loose some health, and then the last one is the one he is most worried about. The leaves are starting to curl under and turn a super dark green color. I am thinking it might be due to over watering since he had them floating, But we changed the setup this morning and it has not livened up any. They where all in the same water. Any Ideas?

    This is the stronger one, which is starting to curl.


    This is the one that is not looking too good.


    This is the 2nd strongest one, but as you can see the starting leaves are burnt.


    And last but not least the midget one.

  2. What is the PPM and PH of ur water?
    What is the brown thing the straw is in?

    From a seed, I let the bottom of the cup with hydroton stay in water setting on a air stone until the roots stick out the bottom about 3 -- 4 inches, then move em' into the tub or bucket.
  3. Right...

    Where is the source water coming from?
    6.2 - 6.8 is high for Hydro

    And - lt looks like you need light, and
    That straw is going to be a problem in the future..........
  4. The straws are cut down the side to come off when they get bigger.

    We changed the watering to 4 min every 4 hours from a pump. it pumps from 1 water source into each of the 4 plants then drains back down. I think I am going to tell him to lower to 5.8 or so.
  5. The reason why I asked from where the water comes is that water sounds a lot like tap water - which can hold a lot of stuff you don't want in a hydro system

    Example - tap water with 300 mg/l CalCarb will require 100x more pH down than will the same water passed though a RO.
  6. Lower the light you are getting stretch, bring the PH to 5.9, high PH will distort em' and do weird shit.
  7. He did use tap water, but it has been like 11 days since it was put in, and they actually grew better when it was fresh tap water. He lowered the plants and the PH, So guess we will see how it goes today!

  8. when you say you lowered the plants. your rockwool must be covered... the whole plant must go down. And you should not see water thew your netpot. more hydroton
  9. Sorry meant light not plant. Did not really see much improvement today. Maybe a little bit taller but that's about it.
  10. Ok Plant update. Here is a pic of the larger one first then the smaller one. if you notice the bottom leaf on the larger one has a weird coloration in the middle of the leaf. Has been like that since about 2 days after i posted this thread. and ideas?


  11. Look up "portable RO water filter atlanta georgia" in google should pull up a place to buy 150$ RO filters that hook right up to the sink and then can be used and disconected for stealth. Its what I use to keep my girls drinking clean stuff. Even came with a 0-9999 ppm meter free I spent the extra 20 bucks or what ever for the bigger unit. It filters faster so I keep an extra 5gal and a 3.5 g bucket with RO water which I keep under my bed. Keep the PH at 6, range should be 5.8-6.3, and ppm 0-10 (go buy some super distilled water any thing filtered even out of a britta if you have to) let them have that for a day then give them a VERY slight bit of nutes (no more than 1ml per gal) and let them bounce back a bit.

    <__< may come back and edit this i'm really vapped right now hope that made sense.
  12. personally, it looks like a little bit of over watering. Another thing to consider is that dead leaf matter does no grow back ever, so the discoloration may have happened when the watering was too much, and it will remain that way, but new growth all looks ok.

    Also, since everything looks all good now, those discolored leaves will be on the bottom of the plant, underneath the canopy and being useless in a couple of weeks. Dont sweat it. I use only tap water, my tap water is crappy and starts at 600 ppm, but I have never had ppm or ph problems to this date off of 15+ grows.
  13. So what would make the plant not stand up now? Still same coloring, but laying down now. That is with straws holding the base too.
  14. Did you lower the lights?
    Do you have the air stones going? If not, you could be drowning the plants.

    When mine are that size, I put the bottom part of the net pot in water setting on a air stone. Once the roots come out the pot about 4 or 5 inches, they are ready to go into the buckets.
  15. Yea Lights are low, was going good untill this morning. I have 2 12" airstones going. I did notice that the roots are not coming threw the bottom neting yet and they where planted on the 14'th of last month....
  16. could them not having sleep in a few days cause them to stress and do this?
  17. no its not that, are you still using tap? Different strains react differently. If you are still using tap then it could be that. They also might be just very very stunted from so much early stress
  18. Well think today going to change the water out and see if that helps any!

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