Having sex with a 30 year old woman tonight...tips?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by HiGhRiTeNoW, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. I want to make her feel I'm experienced but I've only been with 14 women. What are some moves or positions I should try on her? She said I can do whatever I want to her...including anal. I'm 26 and she is 30.

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  2. Do the leap frog doggy thing. Like in porn where the guy is crouched over the girl fucking her like a jack rabbit.
  3. Break out the Cock ring, the silver bullet and the vibrator... 
    Use them all at the same time... = Orgasmic overload..
    Unless you have a 12inch penis that is.. Then just give it to her old school style.
  4. Fuck all that garbage, he's got the 12" grasscity cock.
  5. hey man take it slow and build up to it, them ladies looove anticipation and the foreplay...then fuck her brains out because you know, theres always a littlle slut in every woman.
  6. You only been with 14? And don't feel experienced? Im 20 and have been banging this 29 year old for a few months now... What a great fuck
  7. Dude, she's not that much older than you.  Just have some fucking fun.
  8. being overly-passionate is a requirement
  9. Dude u sound like a bitch you're basically the same age as her. Just have fun it's really that simple

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  10. Moab put a fucking shirt on homo. You know it's like 95% dudes on here right

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  11. Start crying and tell her how much you love her.
  12. Put it down bro foreal. Bend her over, grab her arms behind her back, use them as handles bro, and just pound the pussy until you have to stop to take a breath. If she hasn't came hard then you ain't doin it right

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    Well don't you sound like just a pleasure to be around.  
    Try chilling the fuck out and I guarantee you'll enjoy this forum much more.
  14. If you need tips then you don't need to be with her!!!
  15. a tip...wink wink nudge nudge...say no more... :ey:
  16. Been with like 30+ chicks, not gay. Nor do I care what an adult pro wrestling fan thinks of me.
    You watch shirtless men wrestle in underwear on a weekly basis and are judging MY sexuality?

  17. Spray paint your body silver and tie her to a bed.

    She'll nut hard
  18. Ahh older ladies are fun.

    Slayed few milfs/cougars in my day.

    Enjoy it bro. Slam that pussy. :metal:
  19. My first fuck was with a 40 year old woman when I was 16. She was never going to see me again so she was honest. She told me that was the on her top 3 best fucks, I was a first timer and I only got a 7" thicky. If I did it you could easily. 
  20. Only been with 14 women hahaha douche. Who cares how many women you have slept with? That is an indicator of what exactly? A guy can have slept with only 1 woman but been doing it for years and could be more experienced than the fool who has slept with 14 women at 1x each woman.

    If you had half a freaking brain you wouldn't have gone this route, you would have pulled up a porno on the old computer and watched a real paid professional put it down.

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