Having seizures and passsing out while high

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  1. hi frens, today I was smoking with friends and all of the sudden i was being really quiet and was swaying back and forth, we headed back up the trail and my two girl friends went ahead of me- all i remember then was not being able to see then passing out my guy friend carried me up to the cement area and set me down because the carrying was hurting me- I then began to have what i think was a seizure My eyes were rolled back and i was twitching like crazy, my sister rolled me on the side and made sure i was breathing and shit. I ggot back to my car and then began throwing up everywhere- if anyone know what probably happened let me know diabetes and epilepsy runs in my family but idk whats up
  2. You had a whitey. It's caused by a sudden drop
    in blood pressure or blood sugar, I've never
    found out which it is. It's nothing to worry about
    long term. It causes no harm and comes from
    smoking too much good weed.

    Smoke less next time.
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  3. thank you so much
  4. If you think you're seizing and it happens again, seek a medical professional in person. Could be the weed, could be something else, given your family history.
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  5. i had once a sort of blackout but when vision came back, all the sounds were extremely bright and crispy. i could feel the bottom on my feet in my ears and hear it really loud... the loudness/crispyness was unbearable for two minutes and went out in about 15 minutes. felt like my head would explode. was also highly high, had just finished toking so the high probably finished going up after the 15 minutes
  6. Right on the money. Has happened to me once reallllllyyy bad. All my friends called me a ghost. I ate a whole pack of pink frosted cookies and felt better which leads me to believe it's a blood SUGAR drop but I've been told smoking lowers your blood PRESSURE. Also happenes to my girlfriend often unfortunately. Eating always helps her feel better. Another friend took a huge dab, sat there fine for 50 minutes, stood up, got wrecked. Couldn't even eat or drink. He finally shoved a cookie down his throat and felt better

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