Having Puppies Is A Mind Fuck

Discussion in 'Pets' started by letsmokeasweet, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. hey all so last week my basset had puppies and since then its has been a strange experiance.
    like when the bitch is in labor. u hope shes gona be ok. then she actaully gives birth. which takes allday it seems. so everything is good. then the weak one comes along and the mother kills it. but u expect that right? then on day 5 u notice one or two who dont seem to eat as much. then u confirm it on day 6. day seven they die
    that was sad. then u relized that it was not kinda barking like the others, but crying.
    so its like day 8 and im sitting here in my spot smoking a sweet. next to them in their spot like 10 ft away. and one of them was moving, rolling around, and eventualy made its way to my feet where it licked me and layed down
    that was a sweet feeling
    so i wonder what tomorow will bring

  2. Congrats.
    But the mom actually killed one of the puppies?  I've never heard of a dog doing that, usually just let them do their own thing.  How did she kill it?
    There's usually 1-2 or runts but seems like you got a bunch.  Hopefully none of them dies anymore.
  3. That is a mind fuck, I've never heard of a dog killin one of it's puppies either.
  4. it's common when the mom can tell if the puppy has some illness or something wrong with it. 
  5. My aunt raised bassets, as I recall they had large litters...that's pretty common behavior in the animal world...it's the right way to preserve the best and strongest....and assure the best genetic traits being passed on....
  6. Man I could not pick up a dead puppy and dispose of it. Just wouldn't be able to.
  7. This is the first thing I thought when I read this.
  8. I have had to remove a very sick puppy from my sisters kids and rush it to the vet where it died. It was shaking and convulsing in a box next to me the whole car ride then they gave it back to me and I took it to the woods and buried it.  Not a good day.
  9. and yes a bitch will kill a pup if they think it has a problem.  Survival of the fittest.  Sucks but true
  10. my great pyrenees had puppies and one of them was a still-birth and i cried so hard when i had to take it away lol.
    the other 9 pups survived though, they were a fucking handful after a month @_@
    yes it can be differcult. especialy when you hold it, let it sleep on ur lap for a while, and u feel it getting lighter and skinnier and all that over the course the day...
    you sit there and hope it comes back, or your just tripin, its just asleep....but its not
  12. I'm surprised at the lack of people who know that mothers kill their puppies. I was under the impression it was fairly common. The mother of the dog I got killed 2 of hers. But I wouldn't be able to watch a dog give birth, that would just gross me out.
  13. Are there runts in every litter?
  14. How did the dog kill it?
  15. I'm wondering too...i'm guessing a way of suffocating it?
  16. I don't think the pups are so much killed by their mother, as is they don't thrive and are pushed away from the teat by the stronger more aggressive ones...
    the mom innately understands this, and the weak pups succumb, as the mother is only interested in seeing the ones thrive that can fend for themselves...
  17. That's so much more depressing...
  18. As are many aspects of life, when looked at from a human pov.....
  19. that part hard to suck
    its weird when they give birth. i though a human birth is alot more grosser.  with a dog, it basicly looks like a black peice of shit and iit pops right out lol
    so much easier then human birth. just takes all day, poor doggies

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