Having problems germinating the seeds??? H

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  1. I’m having some big problems getting the seeds to pop out of the shell. Germinating. I’ve tried paper towel method. No luck
    Now I’m trying the peat pellets
    This is very frustrating reading all the opinions of how to do this.
  2. Easiest way - imo - place seeds in glass of water and cover it with something so the seeds don’t get light. I would recommend using a heating mat and placing the cup on the heating mat.

    After 24-38 hours the seeds will be cracked open and you will see the taproot. Then use the paper towel method to finish off the germination process. Tap roots will be about an inch or two long.

    If you got your seeds from a seed bank, some put germination instructions with their preferred way. The method above should work though with no problem. Also try to use spring water if you can.

    Good luck
  3. Foolproof. No handling, no soaking.
    rapid rooters.jpg
    10 for 10 in 3 days
    4 days from planting.JPG
  4. The paper towel method simply doesn't work for some...I've been lucky using that method in the past, but many don't like it. Either use the Rapid Rooters that Mick advised you to above, or use the glass of water technique that WeedGrowsOnTrees mentioned. I've heard of great success using both of those methods. In any event, make sure that you're keeping the seed in a warm environment. I've found that when below 65-68F, my germination rate not only decreases by at least 25-50%, but the ones that do continue to germinate end up taking almost twice as long to pop. I like to keep the temps between 72-78F. Good luck and be patient!

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