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  1. Hey everyone, im currently in the early stages of my first grow and here are some of the stats.

    Right now I have 1 400 MH with 2 plants under it. Have a portable AC which cools and exhausts hot air. Using FF nutes and soil.

    So here is my question. Through my research I have learned yellowing leaves are a sign of nute deficiency. i am growing a Lemon Skunk and a Big Bang and both were germinated by soaking then putting immediatly into soil. The LS broke ground first and as of today (day 6 since put in soil) the LS is looking great and is about 4 inches talls with 2 true leaves and the 2 cotelydons all of which are a nice green. Now here is my issue, Big bang was done the exact same way and has just broke the surface earlier this morning. My question is the cotelydons on the bang are already turning yellow and the true leaves are still to small but from what i can tell they arent nearly as green as the skunk. So my question is, is bang really having nute deficiency this early? the general statement is dont use nutes until ATLEAST 1 and a half to 2 weeks of growing have occured. It is not hot at all, the room stays right under 80 and it got the same soil as the Skunk. Will be moving light up about a couple inches cause of the skunks rapid growth later today but I dont want to if the bang is suffering from light deficiency (dont know why it would be though). Any ideas as to what to do?
  2. not sure, it could be more an issue with the soil, like the PH could be off etc, can you post a pic as it will really help, also any details on the soil being used etc
  3. sorry no pics, only camera i have is on my phone and resolution is horrible. Ill try to describe the leaves best I can though. The half of the leaves furthest away from the stem are both yellow and the tips are actually white but the inner halves of the cotelydons are still green. Im using foxfarm ocean soil and in terms of watering i water every 2 days until water comes out of the bottom of the cups I have them in. Would the ph really be off that much if its got nothing but soil and water though? (sorry not trying to ask a stupid question) ive been reading a little more and it seems the cotelydons evnetually fall off and turn yellow but that seems to happen after a couple weeks of growth and the big bang just broke soil this morning and is on day 6 of growth.
  4. the cotedylons yellowing happens naturally, they will eventually fall off. as for the lighter shade of green, you may be nute deficient but i doubt it. the lighter green could be genetics. let them go til about 3 - 4 weeks before adding nutes.
  5. Thx ghoOst, yea after reading more i found out that it naturally happens to those leaves but isnt day 6 kind of soon? Ive researched big bang and no where did i find any statements about it being a really nute hungry plant.
  6. some just happen earlier than others. again, hold off on nutes as its easier to fix a lack of nutes as opposed to a toxicity. youll be fine!
  7. Don't make the mistake of reacting to early or overdoing something. Alot of times a plant will work through it. Had a issue about a month ago couple leaves getting spots but it stopped plants are healthy as a horse. Trying to treat it would of probably been worse.

    Be carefull on all that watering. You want them to dry out some. Every two days is alot. You want it dry 2-3 inches deep at least. You can get root rot, insect attraction, fungus/molds from over watering, and also kill your plants.

    My Widows that are about 8 weeks old I think I have watered 4 times maybe 5. I was a little over zealous one week and that is what allowed Gnats to propagate. They love moist soil.
  8. its still rather early to loose those leaves, if like you say the main leaves are bearly developed, how long has it been above the soil? it may be issues from the soil as some people have issues with FFOF soil with seedlings as it can be to hot(although the descriptions you give dont really indicate this)
  9. Thx everyone for the helpful responses, will most likely just keep a close eye on it and see if it progresses when true leaves get bigger. Thx for the tip rhaps, havent had any issues with bugs yet but will try to hold off on watering so often. I will post again if I see anything progress and get yalls input and hopefully i will get some extra money to get a decent camera so i can post pics. Thx again for the responses.
  10. Sorry mills69 didnt see your question in the last post. Last night i checked around 8pm and it hadnt broke the soil. I checked this morning around 6sh and it has popped through so we r looking at maybe 5-7 hours above ground MAX
  11. its cool:D i only asked to get an idea how "old" it was, as that is very early for the leaves to start to yellow, not tryin to worrie u tho lol, as others have said for now its best to just see how it goes for the mo, but keep a close eye on it as things can change quite quickly

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