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Having my first bong delivered to my college address...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aceZsta, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. #1 aceZsta, Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2009
    First time buyer here, planning on buying my first piece. Here it is...feel free to offer suggestions/comments.

    <link removed> but its a Spot On color coolant water pipe

    Anyway, at my school there is a main mailroom where all packages are delivered. Based on how they package a glass bong...would it be a complete giveaway that the box contained a bong inside? I didn't want it delivered to my home for obvious reasons. Actually, wouldn't the package be delivered to the local post office instead of my college since EDI ships from the UK?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :wave:
  2. I think it's against the rules to post links to other online headshops but owner at EDIT is pretty cool, I think he ships stuff pretty discretely but it can't hurt to send him an e-mail asking that your order be shipped discretely as possible. But hey, it's a tobacco water pipe, lol.
  3. most glass sites will ship the package in a box that is unmarked to provide their customers with privacy and safety from our oppressive government so it should be fine going to your college mailroom. just go pick it up it should have your name on it.
  4. My apologies, I simply wanted to show the piece I was getting.

    And yes, I realize it's simply a tobacco water pipe, but ya know...people judge...:mad::devious:

    I'll definitely see about emailing them, but as long as the box doesn't have a fat weed leaf on it and something like "grasscity, HAVE A GOOD SMOKE" or something like that, I would think the package will be safe from tampering. :D
  5. I've purchased from them before. I actually have an order on its way to me now. It is always packaged discreetly, I wouldn't worry. It will never have anything about the company name on it.
  6. Remove that link man...

    Unless you have to sign for it you should be fine, otherwise youll just have to go to the local post office...
  7. I'm pretty sure most sites mail things of this nature in a discrete box. I know I'm having my VB sent to my college address :hello::smoke:
  8. you do understand everyone smokes in college right? EVVEERRRYYYOONNNEEE!!!

    and student's work the mail room. don't sweat it man, it's not like they can look inside your box without a warrant (at least USPS).

    seriously, just do it.
  9. ask the company how it will be packaged and to be as discrete as possible. Im pretty sure it just comes in a rectangular box with a lot of bubble rap lol.
  10. I had my beer pong table delivered to my dorm room, and it was from a company called Pong Along and said so on the box. Didn't have any problems. Items of this nature aren't illegal, it's all in how you use them. Hell, for all they know, I play water pong :)
  11. I don't know how your dorm or college handles mail, but the people at the front desk in my dorm are all college kids i think, and i don't think they would say anything to their superiors if they found something like that.

    Plus like everyone has said, anyone in the bong business should have the sense to ship it discreetly.
  12. ive had a bunch of stuff shipped to my college, its not problem for me

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