having lung issues, is it my piece?

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  1. i use a metal pipe with a screen filter no carb, is it fucking up my lungs. i also like to hold my hits for like 10-20 seconds depending on how good of a hit it was.

    im having trouble breathing, im not sure if im sick or its the weed. i smoke everyday, sometimes 2 times a day.
  2. you can't hang my friend
  3. switch to joints for a while and if u notice a difference then obviously its a problem.
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    Stop holding it in 10-20 seconds. Inhale-Exhale, 5 seconds max.
  5. Your using a metal pipe.. get a nice glass bowl or even a bong. And if that isn't working try out a vape

  6. Joints are even worse not only are you inhaling burning weed but all that paper too

  7. Yeah, does this still happen if you use a glass piece? The first pipe I've ever gotten was metal and used to kill my lungs. The hits would be super hot. I got a glass piece and have never bought another metal. I used a friends metal pipe once and it again killed my lungs. I'm a person that can sit down and smoke all day, so it wasn't a high issue, it was killing my lungs to the point that I didn't really want to smoke because they were bothering me. Try a good piece.
  8. Hurts my throat just thinking about the ol metal pipe with screen combo.

    But yeah, definitely stop holding your hits in so long. And keep that pipe and screen clean!
  9. switch to glass bowl perhaps, maybe smoke from a bong w/ice. i always find that thats easier on the throat and lungs
  10. Get some glass, if money is an issue you can get a chillum for like, $5
  11. 3-5 seconds for a hit max; no reason to have smoke in your lungs for 10-20 seconds.

    You should be able to get a small bong for $20-$30

    Also try running ^_^
  12. stop smoking weed and face life
  13. What are you talking about?

  14. Can I keep smoking and face life?

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