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Having issues with dugout?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrInfinity, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Well I broke my Chillum on Saint Paddy's day and a friend gave me a dugout for free.

    Anyways I've never really used one but was advised to break me weed up fine if i planned on storing it in container so I could pack the one hitter.

    I put a gram in there, hand broke up but I do better then a grinder IMO, and it went by way to fast. So I get home through a flashlight down the tube and there's half a gram compressed to the bottom.

    Now I can't get this weed out with the one hitter, so I scraped it out with a needle. I'm curious if this is common with dugouts, if me weed wasn't broken up right, if there is a method to packing the one hitter to avoid this.

    The weed is really sticky, I mean shake in a bag buds up again.
  2. Don't break it up as much...

    The finer it is, the easier it is to stick together and pack together when you put the hitter in there.

    I just hand grind mine up into small chunks.... and put it in there.

    Every time you stick it in for a hit (!) just scrape the bottom of the dugout with your hitter. I put my hitter in, and usually spin it a little bit as I push down.

    Hope this helps. One hitters are awesome. discrete, make your shit last long
  3. Your story is full of holes i can barely even understand what your saying but if your talking about your broken chillum get like a knife out and try to get it out that way not much else advice that i can really give besides that though.
  4. Dry your weed before putting it in there... it should be the consistency were it crumbles to light pressure between your fingers... leave a nug out for a couple hours then grind it into the dug-out.
  5. Yeah I tried blazing dank out of a shitty fake smoke dugout and kinda the same thing happened. Just make it bigger chunks and try and take long calm draws on it so the weed doesn't get sucked in too far.
  6. - Don't break your weed up too small
    - When you put in your one-hitter push it softly down the storing container and twist your one-hitter
    - You also might want to shake/knock on the the container once in a while so it stays kinda loos.

    just my 2 cents ;)
  7. I never had super sticky weed in my dugout often, but I used the dugout/one hitter combo for a while. Loved how conservative and stealthy it was. But you need to get the hang of scraping the bottom of the dugout with your one hitter then packing all the stuff you scraped up. I used a grinder all the time for my weed, just never ground it super fine, just a couple turns to break it up.

    When I did have super sticky weed, it was very difficult to get much more than 1/2 or 1/4 packs with the scraping I would have to do. Better off keeping that stuff in a small airtight jar then just sticking the one hitter into the jar to pack.
  8. I know what you mean OP, for something so simple it gave me a lot of trouble it seemed. I would take it to work when I waited tables and what I would do is just put like a half gram ground in a tiny bag, I'd roll the baggie up and stick it in the dugout weed spot, I'd also stick a toothpick in there that I could use to get the baggie out easily and also use as a poker. I may have to go dig up that dugout now, not sure where I put it.
  9. No, no chillum just a little info into why I have a dogout instead of a pipe.

    Anyways to everyone else, you all gave the same sort of tips, I'll practice them and see if I can get this to work a little better.
  10. Uhh sorry? am i the only one that noticed he said a GRAM? thats a ton of bud to put in a one hitter. it doesn't hold anywhere near that. more like .1, max.
  11. [quote name='"nb8475"']Uhh sorry? am i the only one that noticed he said a GRAM? thats a ton of bud to put in a one hitter. it doesn't hold anywhere near that. more like .1, max.[/quote]

    A dugout is a wooden box with two holes. One for the one hitter and a bigger one for the weed. you take the bat and dip it in the weed to pack it.

    I know what you mean op, I usually just leave it at the bottom if I can't just scrape it with the bat. When I'm dry I will probably just scrape it with a nail.

  12. I get some dank nug and the strain switches from week to week so I'm going to just build up a layer of different buds for when I'm dry.
  13. I think its the point to have the bud packed down in the dugout. People who complain that "my weed is stuck in the bottom of my dugout heeellpp" need to realize that there is a bit of a learning curve with dugouts. You have to learn how to "push and twist" into the herb and then you get a nicely packed oneie.
  14. I take a hacksaw to all my dugout bats. Use the saw to give the end of your bat four serrations. The teeth will help to dig in and get every bit of weed from the wooden hole.
  15. My dugout has a metal piece in it that is for situations like this
  16. i love my one hitter and dugout's the are the perfect daily smoking traveling pipe stash combo and i love that im not alone.

    i love when you think your dry and you scrape out another half g almost

    i found on when i was working for the trash company a sick ass darkwood. looks old with a engraved picture of water and cranes and reed's its so sick i had to boil it and cleaned it up .was probly like 30-40 bucks new
  17. i shove a screen in my dugout , since its a bong screen it goes pretty far down so i can pack it full of bud

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