Having issues designing ventilation, please help...already read FQ

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  1. Hello,
    I need some help designing my ventilation...  didnt do any last grow and feel the grow suffered because of this.
    Room is 8 x 8 x 8, I have 2 blockbuster 6" hoods, 600 hps running in each...temps in room are actually a bit cold, they are perfect when lights are on, at 75, but drop down to 55-58 with lights off... so heat actually isnt much of an issue right now...
    Basically want the venting for odor control and fresh air. Going to be using 2 passive intake holes near floor on same wall as the exhaust near the ceiling. 
    Just not sure how to set the rest up, I attached some pics with options and wanted some opinions on which to do...thanks much!
    Which option looks better and what if any change(s) would you make to the design?


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  2. Option 1 will work nice if you can pull enough air through the filter and two hoods to keep the room cool and have proper air exchange. My only concern would be whether in that size room and that much light you can get enough air filtered and through the hoods for adequate air exchange and proper cooling. If you think that is a concern, consider doing a separate line and fan to cool the hoods and a second line and fan for the carbon filter and air exchange.
    I don't really understand your option two and the "intake duct running to filter". The filter needs to be at one end or another of your ducting line. Air can't go into it through a duct and out of it through a duct...or maybe I'm misunderstanding it.  Also inline fans are more efficient if they are pulling air rather than pushing. 
    Hope that is helpful.

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