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  1. Ok. I'm having so issues getting these bagseed beans to pop. The first set of beans is sitting under paper towel and has been there for almost a week. Chalking these seeds up to bad seeds. Not only are they like 5 or 6 years old, but I remember rightly when I grew them, (major noob mistakes while I was in college, knew nothing) I used the microwave to dry the weed out! Smoked good, tasted green as hell, but I think that prolly killed the seeds. Another set I am trying, I started. They are about 4 years old, but were dried and cured well. They have been kept air tight and in the dark since I got them. For these guys I soaked them overnight in a cup of water. Most of them sank and I put those that sank in a paper towel on a plate that is damp. Its been about 72 hours since I put them in the cup of water, and 48 hours since in the damp papertowel. No popped beans yet. What's up? Is there anything I can do to help these little guys and girls along?
  2. i had the same problem i planted 70 seeds and 7 came up?
  3. you could of possibly drowned the seeds. I have never used a cup of water to start the seeds. I always use a damp paper towel and two plates with a weight on the top to keep the moister in and the light out for the firs 3 days. seeds usually don't go bad, so that probably isn't it. another thing is it could be too cold. try to keep them at around 70-75 degrees F. that could help.
  4. that's a good idea. I have to leave town for few days towards the end of the week, so there's no point trying anything new now. But I will try the two plate thing when I get back in town on my last batches.
  5. Just germinated mine with dampened paper towels put into a zip-lock. Put in a nice dark place in 72-78 degrees F. 3 of 3 germed perfectly.
  6. ^^^^ after how long? Any idea how old the seeds were? Bagseed or from a seed bank?
  7. Bagseeds. I saw the taproot within 24 hours. Its almost been 48 hours now and there about an inch long on all 3, planting tonight.
  8. does light have a strong negative effect of germing seeds? Last time I did it successfully out in the light and tried to do it the same way I did years ago and didn't shield them from light. Could that be the problem?
  9. bumping to get an answer on my last ^^^^^^^^ question
  10. Yes ideally you want your seeds germing in a dark area. Around 72-80 degrees with controlled humidity.

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