Having fucked up dreams about something I did wrong.

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  1. LONG story short, my boyfriend and I did something bad a year ago. It's abbreviated: Yes, I am a fucked up person for what I did but I've never made a mistake like this before. It will be my one and only like this because I am usually the one that helps others. I vowed not to smoke and drink and let my emotions overbear me the way it did because it did a lot more harm than good. I just need advice right now and I woke up a 5:30 am and I'm freaking out.
    -A couple high school friends came down from out of town and we celebrated his 20th b-day: (Her husband)
    -These 2 friends are married to eachother
    -This was a time my boyfriend and I were kinda rocky and she and her husband were rocky cuz she cheated
    -I was infatuated with her because I seriously never had a friend that was a girl and I wanted to make her feel good (I am not a lesbo, she's the only one I ever felt like that with and never again)
    -We were high and drunk, (my bf and I, her and her husband)
    -I was stupid enough to get horny and I was thinking about her, but my bf was there
    -We had a 3 some right next to her husband
    -This happened in one of our other friend's house and she doesn't know about it
    -The husband and I were really close... He was like my brother. Hell, he even helped try to get my bf and I in high school and after it ended. He actually forgave me, but he hasn't talked to me. I know he will never forgive my boyfriend.
    -There's another guy friend that's cool too with all of us too
    -My boyfriend has recently been bugging out because he sees the guy at school and he talks about the girl's husband since they were all close friends (including me and my bf) especially yesterday since it was his b-day and that's when all of his happened last year
    -He feels that they will eventually find out what happened if the husband comes back to visit eventually and wants to hang out with everyone. The girl's house we did it has mentioned him too but not about that.
    -I've had 2 bad dreams about someone in my family about to kill one another and just last night I had a dream killing my cousin and my aunt and only being scared and ashamed after people were coming to the house and I finally confessed when a cop came by the house.
    -The guy who's the husband hasn't told anyone anything, and on top of that, my bf said he wanted to get it off his chest, and with these dreams it's really fucking with me....
    Overall, my question is should we tell these 2 other friends about what happened, especially to he chick's house we did it at?

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    I'm not even high and I couldn't follow that. Try using names, even fake ones will do. On the real though, honesty is the best policy. Don't let that shit eat you up, it's not the end of the world and it could always be worse.
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