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having bud in apartments

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by carpe diem, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    I live in an apartment in a college town so my building is all college kids. I was wondering how big is the risk of keeping bud here. Like they can come in my apartment whenever they want I am sure, and they sometimes send people to inspect the fire alarms. If I had bud, I would put it in this glass jar I have and try to put it in a hidden place. But I wanna smoke in here too. I just dont want any trouble with the company which I rent from. Do I need to worry?

    carpe diem
  2. I would treat it as though you're still living with your parents (who we'll assume would kill you if they found out). Be very careful with smoking in the house and where you stash your stuff. A lockable trunk of some kind would be appropriate :)

    That said, nobody should ever be in your apartment when you're not there, that's trespassing and it's against the law, landlord or not. Assuming you pay your rent and everything, there's not reason for anybody to be poking about.
  3. just hide it somewhere, most of the time if they are going to have to come in your apartment they leave a notice ahead of time, so you can clean up real good, as for suprises, if you always keep the secondary lock that only allows the door to be cracked locked all the time they cant get in even if they have a key, the you just hide till they leave. and most apartments are on seperate ventilation so you dont have to worry about smokin and havin your neighbors smell it, so if your smart its very easy to get away with
  4. Your best bet would be to check your lease papers. They might say whether or not the owner has access to the property at all times. Otherwise, the owner or landlord isn't going to come into your place for no reason, and they certainly will not go through your shit. Lots of times landlords are required to give 24 hrs notice before entering, unless it's an emergency.

    Bottom line: Just don't leave your stuff in plain sight. Not only does that protect you from the landlord, but from roommates and random people stealing your shit.
  5. thanks for the advice guys.

    I have a small safe-like thing at home I guess I will bring up and I will put the bud in a glass jar in the safe so hopefully it wont smell and they cant get to it.

    The people have keys to our apartment and the locks are all keys and they have copies of the keys so they could get in no matter what i do--there is no chain-lock type thing.

    i think i am gonna go ahead with it, now i just find some bud!

  6. Depends on the city, neighborhood, etc.

    I live in Austin, in a pretty progressive neighborhood.

    My repairman came over to fix my disposal (I let him in). I just febreezed a bit for courtesy sake; he came, fixed, left w/o a word. This was 3 months ago.

    Hard to type sorry, blunt...
  7. Your definitely fine. Is it a large apartment? We smoke in our apartment all the time, and like you said, your living with all students... your neighbors probably smoke... keep your pieces tucked away and your bud locked up and you have nothing to worry about. I know what your talking about with random run ins though... the maintenance guys come around and do work sometimes, but if your worried about them noticing (and after noticing, even caring....), just throw a secondary lock on your room door ( like a chain lock you can remove when your lease is up). No worries.

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