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Having alot of anxiety while watching a movie.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jamaican Hotbox, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So I got some blue dream that I'm smoking on and watching Battle : L.A. I have a very low tolerance right now and I am taking bong rips. While watching this movie the intensity makes my legs shake. But the thing is this movie would not usually be so intense foe me if I wasnt high. Its starting to make my time uncomfortable and I cant seem to make it stop. I also have this thing where I can feel the emotions of someone in a situation and I think fighting aliens is a terrifying experience. So with that come extreme emotions. Any one have any good tips on taking care of the anxiety?
  2. Chill down bro
    Take a nap :smoke:
  3. That sounds intense. Put the bong down and enjoy that high and movie.
  4. Sometimes people smoke more than they need. Two bong hits of fine weed makes a movie much more intense. Then hit it again later.
  5. sounds fucking nuts, man. you're just high and gotta chill. take deep breaths, have a glass of cold water. weed's all about peace, remember that! :bongin:
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Ate some food and drank some water and I was feeling a lot better. I'm not some noob by the way, I've been smoking for two years now. I have never had anxiety with smoking so this is really a first.
  7. heard that movie sucked lol
  8. I hate to watch intense movies like suspense/thrillers/horror while high since it only makes me worry.
    I always love to watch comedy's or even better, stoner movies. They make you laugh like never before :smoke:
  9. ^ I have to agree with you. Stoner movies are the best when you're blown because everything that occurs you just think to your self "that is so true"
  10. totally did. i went with my cousin brother and friend, and we made fun of it the entire time. whole theater was cracking up by the end of it.
    OP, just smoke a bit less weed. it happens man. one time my an ex wanted to get super stoned and watch... i can't even remember, but it was some really sad movie. not fun when super stoned and she's sitting next to you crying her eyes out.
  11. That's called empathy. Thank you for informing us you're not a psychopath :p

    Just chill man. Enjoy the movie, relaxxxxxxxx. If the movie is too much for you, just turn on some nice soothing music and close your eyes.
  12. The best part about stuff like this is that it's always funny to think back on it the day after about how worried you felt.

    Sometimes the rush of anxiety can make a high more entertaining hahah i always laugh at myself for the stupid things I think when I'm blitzed :smoke:

  13. i wish i could get that effect with weed & movies. i can still remember the weed i had 10 or so years back that made movies come alive. it was pretty trippy stuff.

    sometimes if i've been on the go for 14 hours, and i'm hungry, exhausted etc, but when i smoked, if i do too much, it gets very uncomfortable. along the lines of what you explained.

    but definitely take advantage of that low tolerance. nothing wrong with keeping it low. personally, i hate having to smoke a lot to get half the effect
  14. Weed kinda ruins some movies for me, I seem to only notice flaws in acting rather than actually getting into it. There are some movies that weed does help with tho, I watched Due Date blazed as fuck and i couldnt stop laughing.

    Just depends on the actors for me i guess.
  15. #15 blackanblue, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    I know what you mean, I was ripped one night and my boys put The Crazies on, I was completely freaked the fuck out. Never again.
  16. holy shit bruh..

    chill like some ice in the freezer.

    u mite have been over high!.

    movie was ok...
  17. i think pixar movies and cartoons are fucking awesome while stoned. Also just epic movies like star wars. I hate horrors and thrillers while stoned. too crazy and freaky
  18. also i thought the movie was alright. I mean if you get anxious just think about how the good guys win. That always helps me for some reason
  19. yeah, they freak me the fuck out too. people think it's perfectly fine to be stoned and watch scary movies. they couldn't be more false

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