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Having a time finding new connects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letsplaybrick, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Since looking for a job my old connect all but gone, and I'm having a time finding ANYTHING else. Any tips?

    Is it normally so hush hush for you guys? I talked to an old friends friend who said there was some dank stuff going around. After some other stuff fell through so I contacted them on myspace asking for a connect and explaining my situation and no response. And a guy at work said he called everyone and they're dry. Do you have to be like fucking best friends with someone to get a connect?
  2. Well my dealer just moved, but it took me like a half hour to find someone to grab off someone,maybe its because im in Toronto where weed is handed out like candy, but i unno, maybe if you have noone you know that you can get it off, i guess you could wander around downtown, someones bound to hook you up.
  3. Nah bro just chill wit a friend who is smokeing, kindly ask him where he got his sticky icky from and ask if u can get a reference to his dealer to call you or something lol. I dunno
  4. i hate it when that happens man, i feel you, but a bit more info would help (i.e. whether you go to college or high school or if you've graduated and also where abouts you live (big city or suburb or rural)). best thing to do though is to buy from your good freinds.

    you could always grow if you don't live with your parents
  5. I can never encounter this problem. Cannabis clubs are win. Travel to your hood and look for grimey folk on the street. Ask around..I'm sure you'll find
  6. i used to call this one all the time,but you have to keep it on the *hushhush*...(911) haha wow lame joke.
    anyways just ask close friends, they dont have to be a "dealer" but ive never had any problems with friends helping me out.
    charlesss- man try walking down east hastings(van) asking for herb,youll loose your pocket watch, the the loose change in your pocket, and your left sock. dont ask how they do it but hobos are verrry diabolical lol.
  7. I go to a community college. The thing is that NONE of my close friends smoke on a regular basis, only my friends friends, which is already causing some distance.

    There is this sketchy black dude that lives down from my girlfriends apartments, and he rarely leaves his house, and he has a pimped out drug dealer car, but he could be selling crack or something.

    And while I'm normally pretty good at spotting a pot smoker, I'm not sure how I'd go about asking a random dude at my school about getting some bud.
  8. lol, that black person sounds like me. j/k but just ask the guy. Just be casual with it. He might ask you if your the cops or something. Say no of couse and ask where you can some bud. As simple as that.
  9. Haha yeah like go up and ring his doorbell and ask if he deals weed, that sounds like a bad idea. He's like, within seeing distance of my girlfriends apartment.

    I have a last last last resort with an old friend that goes to our university in town, but he pissed me off so much the first time I smoked salvia with him I really don't want to resort to him.
  10. I know EXACTLY what you're going through. I as well feel sketchy about just going up to someone that I don't know and asking them if they have any bud. Life's tough when you know no one.
  11. Grimey folk, wtf they probaly only selling shitty weed, and crack. They are probaly most likely hostile carrying weapons wouldn't fuck around with that.:cool:
  12. Just go around town and ask random people if they smoke. I did that at night and was able to find two new hookups. Just ask people at bus stops after the bus stops running, they're sure to know something. I found a guy walking out of Target that looked like he might smoke and it turns out he can get me regs or dank for pretty cheap.
  13. Haha, now I would be nowhere near that lucky. I'd probably just get a bunch of weird looks or offended people.
  14. Haha that's exactly what would happen to me.
  15. Well I didn't mean to just go up to his door and ask. Just ask him when he is leaving or when run into him comming home.

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