Having a rough time at college

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  1. I decided to be bold and go to this huge university far away form my home town. I'm starting to miss my family and friends back home real bad. I have been here 2 and a half weeks and i have only made a few friends. I am starting to freak out like today i was in my dorm room for 6 hours all by myself. Im starting to get really bored and frustrated. Anyone that has been through similar experiences, please give me some advice this really sucks
  2. i know what your saying im in the same situation...went to a college in an area im not familar with at all and don't know anyone here...met some people here but most people come here with their friends already.i have some people to smoke with so its aight
  3. Story of my life for real.

    My first year I went to a college 8 hours away, I knew only 1 person, and we roomed together because we knew each other from high school. This kid cant sit still for two seconds, so he was never in the room. I pretty much had it to myself 24/7 and I fell into a pretty bad depression. Then I started smoking weed and I just smoked all day long, not giving a fuck, failed my classes, wasted 10 grand.

    Listen man, you need to get up, get out and go do shit. Start a hobby, get more confident with yourself. Maybe take out a student loan for some living expenses and buy yourself some new clothes (sounds stupid but it really helped me get my confidence back), and try working out or running.

    No one is gonna come help you or save you so stop waiting for it. You need to go and get shit done and try to find yourself. Keep yourself busy all day, and leave the rest of the night to chill on the computer and introspect.
  4. Youll make friends man.
  5. True that thanks I will try the things you said. Thanks its good knowing im not the only one
  6. i know the feeling man. being on my second year going to a college thats 5 hrs from home ive been where you been. it sucks sometimes but you gotta think is that where you want to be?

    i would suggest joining some type of something that is outside school, ie intermurals, clubs, anything really. trust me there are people similar to you at your university you just have to find them. dont be afraid to talk to people you see just walking around campus.

    keep your head up, and stay optimistic :smoke:
  7. Yea this is your time to grow up man, take it and run with it. One day you will need to support a family, and you will need to learn how to live without seeing your family all the time. Respect them by letting go and spreading your wings, they will understand.
  8. tough it out man.

    everything will work out.

    i was that way when i first went away to college. i'm the type where i won't go out and make friends, i have to have current friends introduce me to their friends, and i become friensd with people that way. now i know hella people, this town seems like a small world. i can't go anywhere without seeing a familiar face. i'm still a loner stoner, but i'm cool with it.
  9. I was in a similar situation... Went to college like 2.5 hours away from my hometown. Most of my friends went to a school like in the middle, 1.25 hours away, so a bit of a drive. But anyway, it took me some time to find some friend, but what got stuff going was playing basketball at the rec. Sure, sometimes you will end up by yourself just shooting hoops, but like 7/10 times you will find someone to play a game. Even if you suck, put in some effort, and you will definitly meet some people. It really helped me. But no worries dude, "everything will work out" Copywrite^Poster above me.
  10. Whoa an entire 6 hours by yourself?!?!?!

    Dude unless you were being held against your will then I dont see why your complaining about that. Go out and walk around the city, talk to people. Nobody's just gonna bust your door down and ask you to be their friend.
  11. When I tried college it was kinda like that for a while. When I chilled with kids I didnt really consider them friends for a few weeks. But after a while youll find the people who you wanna be friends with and shit should get normal again.
  12. Just think back to a time called Kindergarten. It's the same thing, except now you get to be in charge. Do what makes you happy. It's part of growing up.
  13. You know all those lame seminars and groups around campus? You know, like the club for the guys who like RC cars, and judo, and tae kwon do, and parkour, and chess, and religion, and gender expression, and cooking, and drinking, and smoking. :wave:
    There are clubs and events for fucking EVERYTHING on college campuses, and you'd have to be blind not to see them. There are people on every corner shoving papers, free food, shirts, hats, and everything else into your hands. It's the first two weeks of college, mang.

    No one knows anyone, this is a time to re invent yourself and go make friends with the kind of people you like, rather than the kind you are stuck with.:smoke:

    (i'm sorry for typing like thiS, I uSEd somE dUMB SCRIPT oN my COMPUTER AND noW i cAN'T FiGURe Out hOw to turN it ofF, sORRy!)
  15. Lmao 6 whole hours? I spend more or less every waking hour by myself, its not so bad bro you just gotta get used to it.
  16. hate to say it man no offense but get a job. all of my "true" friends, i have met at work. seriously. so many great people. some were coworkers, some were customers. daily human interaction like that will cheer you up and make people know you exist, which will also cheer you up. you see its a chain....just keep doing it and you'll end up pretty fuckin happy. all cause of a job? heh maybe go party msn and HAPPY TOKINNN :smoking::bongin:
  17. dude just go up to somebody who has a shirt you like and be like "nice shirt bud" and then just talk about their shirt or the band thats on it or something.
  18. Make more friends? Call them up and be like "hey, what are you doing? Let's kick it!"

    Enthusiasm helps.

  19. agreed. I am not a very enthusiastic person because I always thought that it made me look stupid...

    it doesnt. Recently I have been trying to be more open and talking more and I have noticed the attention I have been getting. Dont put a protective front on your personality, that is what I did and it is not the way to live life.

  20. true that dude who cares if you look dumb just flash somebody a genuine smile and say whatever the fuck is on your mind yo know cuz if you dont youll always think "what if"

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