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Having a "peak" high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bwitsne, May 22, 2010.

  1. When I vape, I seem to only achieve a high, that just doesn't seem up there anymore. Like when I first got my vapor brothers vape, it got me high off one bowl, then two, now i seem like i smoke 5 bowls off the vape, and feel just as high as i did off the first.

    Like I need something stronger, and the buds im getting are already the best.

    I've sort have transfer from "smoking" to "vape-ing". I'll never stop my love with MJ. I hope to soon grow, and its going to be massive. :)

  2. Solution: Tolerance break.
  3. How often do you smoke? your tolerance may be to high, I have been smoking 3-5 time a day for the last 3 years and I got to the point where smoking made me sober. try a tolerance break, maybe a week then go back to vaping.
  4. / thread

    (or you can try coughing it up, yea it irritates the lungs, but it also absorbs more THC, thus getting you a little higher)
  5. Is your element heating up to the right temperature? Also are you increasing your temperature as you go along in your session? There are different compounds being boiled off at different temperatures and they give you different highs.
  6. Honestly, I think my vapor brothers gets too hot. I warm it up at the 12 posistion. And keep it at 1.
  7. lol at people like /thread. you dont just end conversation like that even if the answer has been found.

    "So hey bob how ya doing today"

    "Im doing good"

    "What was the score on the lakers game?"


    "thats the end of this conversation"

    bobs like wtf.
  8. I thought your reply was going to make others post, guess not. :(
  9. I've got the exact same thing OP. I vape all the time, and it's really hard to get that high without using an excess amount of bud.

    It's time to move into the wonderful world of edibles, I suppose.
  10. the only bad thing about mary jane is tolerance man. and the only way to beat it is by not smoking. ridiculous, i agree, but life's not fair :(
  11. cool story bro
  12. haha, exactly man. +rep
  13. Then buy a tube and combust a little.
  14. what you need is to get a bag of swag and smoke it from a pipe. since you have been smoking nugz for a while the swag works quite nice.

    or you could take a t-break, i hate t-breaks but i take them when i cant find bud, and it all works out.

  15. HAHHAHAHHAHH i love it man. made me lmao mucho

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