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Having a laugh

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheMadStoner, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi guys I was wondering whats the best thing to do when your BAKED. me and a friend and his brother are getting together this weekend with some weed and want to do something that would be so funny.iheard xbox live would good but any ideas and please feel free to post your funniest experiences with weed :D

  2. I thought the point of getting high was to have something to do..?
  3. yeah man but we're just chillin with some weed and want someting else to do besides sit there and get high lol :D any ideas or your own experiences with weed
  4. Music work out eat, go into seperate rooms n beat off
  5. Man go for a walk, it may sound boring but once your blazed it will be soo fun
  6. Add me up on XBL, I will play anytime, any game stoned.... Except dead space of course....... I already have a racing heart when blazed, I don't need psychological problems.

    GT: Comanche balsaq
  7. hah yeah i bet that is good it would be some laugh hahah im gonna do that but if anyone else has ideas please fell free :D
  8. haha lol man when play dead space i nearly have a heart attack and thats not when im stoned dude hahhah lol
  9. Bingo.
  10. Just Cause 2 is crazy gorgeous when high, GTA fun, Saints Row 2 trippy as fuck, uhm rockband is hard for me, Prototype is eh lol its sweet but gets boring, R.U.S.E. is odd especially if its not co-op.
  11. watch a comedy movie together :smoke:
  12. HAhahah i bet GTA is crazy i remember my friend saying that him and his brothers nearly pissed themselves laughing so much when playing that game :D
  13. yeag a funny film would be good
  14. :D thanks for the ideas
  15. Netflix is always good. I enjoy B rated horror movies and comedies while blazed.:wave:
  16. I think it would be funny to go to one of the those exorcism seminars where they do live exorcisms and fake a demonic possession. (Then geek out at the end to make the priest feel like an idiot):laughing:

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