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Having a good time alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by midrange, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Any ideas for having a solid night on your own? I've smoked a million times but only ever with groups of people. Now I moved and alone it's just me. Smoked three times so far. Relaxing and enjoyable but just not the same as a group.. obviously. I tend to just zone out watching tv rather than really enjoy what I'm watching. Is it all just about finding the right level of buzz? 

    same situation here.. wish stoners had some kind of radar built in to find each other lol
  3. go on Facebook and mess with people when ur really high, that's what I did when I first started smoking years ago lol. Now, i just chill with my girl and watch netflix... Otherwise, make a vid and put on youtube, kinda fun. lotta haters thooo. or make some bomb ass food with a recipe you looked up.... or just order a pizza, find a girl on meetme or craigslist and smoke weed, cuddle, watch a movie and whateva else.... souns perfect to me lol

    most girls that smoke weed are down to chill as long as u got weed... sadly lol
  4. smoking alone is nice, but the key to being alone is to make yourself damn good company. dont use weed or anything else to escape being alone, enjoy the situation and enhance it through weed. 
  5. tbh i'm passed that whole getting high with a group and laughing at a bunch of silly chit or listening to music. Yeah, it's fun every now and again.
    Now, I like to smoke alone and just unwind, listen to some music.
  6. u need a girl man... changes the feel 100% bro... swAGGER OF A COLLEGE KID FEEL IT
  7. What
  8. Listen to music, watch a film (maybe one you enjoy and have seen before so you don't get confused if you zone out) there's lots of thing you can do. To be honest, I get stonned alone most of the time, being with friends is nice some of the time but I like both.
  9. Get a new bong and some super dank. You'll have fun

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