Having a GF that MIGHT smoke weed

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  1. So I been dating this girl for about 2/3 weeks now, and I don't know much about her (I just kinda jumped into the relationship). Her parents are strict as hell. (Blood tests for drugs) And she smokes cigs. Well, I sorta like her but she can be really bitchy and annoying at times (bites me((WTF?!))). She's also fairly bossy but I can handle it. She hates it when I'm high. But recently she said she wanted to smoke with me...(It would be her first time). I remember my first time and everything was so foreign and slightly scary, but after I got over my anxiety I really enjoyed smoking weed. I want her to have a positive experience and enjoy weed, not for her to just be stoned and hungry. I want to introduce her to the massive possibilities of mind-altering substances. But I don't want her to be anxious and slightly paranoid like I was my first time. Also, my dealers are all dry, and I only have about a .5 g left. She said she wants to smoke soon, while the weather's nice. Any advice?
  2. get her stoned
  3. Make sure u get good weed for her first time, but don't let her smoke too much dank, cigarette smokers won't be used to the bud but at the same time will be able to take the smoke. If she gets too high she could get anxiety etc while high.

  4. I only got a half g of mids cuz all my dealers dry and we might smoke later today. Also, that's what I'm worried about. My first time I didn't feel the effects for like 15 mins so I kept toking, and when it hit, it hit HARDD. It was like everything was shaking and everything had trails and in slow-mo. (I would move my hand but wouldn't see it move as fast) Also I could hear my heart beating fast, and it got me scared, but after like 5 mins I got used toit lol. And on my first time, I remember the weed having a very foreign and distinct and mysterious feel/smell to it, and I liked it. So I pulled out all seeds/stems from what I have so she can see what pure bud is like xD (I can still remember that strong and distinct smell/taste)
  5. best advice i can give is to make the atmosphere as relaxing as possible..

    post yourselves up on some comfy shit..

    get some mellow tunes goin in the background or whatever..

    explain everything in a very understanding tone, if you know what i mean..
  6. Well, I was chillin wit her today, and I said lets go in the woods to smoke, and she said alright. But when we got back there she said "Nooo I don't want to right now" So I toked on my own, and then I convinced her into a Shotgun (Not a joint/Blunt shotgun) so I blew the smoke into her mouth when we kissed. She said it tasted disgusting (Probably from all the Buffalo Doritos I ate before xD) and I waited for her to feel it, but she kept saying she couldn't feel it at all. She could've been lying but I doubt it because all stoners know when somebody else is stoned :D.
  7. 90% of thc is absorbed in 3-4 seconds so shotguns dont usually work unless you do them instantly
  8. get her high but none of that reggie bullshit atleast shoot for mids...actually id go for mids if i could dank would probably cause her a panic attack.

  9. you wanted her first time to be righteous so you gave her a dorito shotgun *golf clap* lol
  10. Hahaha yeah, funny when I think of it now. But anyways, her parents found out I smoke bud around her because she's always babysitting her 4 year-old bro and he tells them EVERYTHING. So, her mom texted me last night and said if she finds out I'm around her one more time she's calling the police. (I wanna fuckin' smash that little snitch's face in.) Advice? (Also, her mom's stuck on weed being a terrible terrible thing so don't tell me to explain its benefits or safety as a recreational drugs because she's a very ignorant/shallow-minded person)
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhUIAThTVBo]YouTube - Ya Boy Ft. Wiz Khalifa - Get Her High[/ame]
  12. make her dome a hash bowl
  13. first real time I smoked was a 2 gram joint of some NYC white widow. Took about 3-4 hits off it, and have never been that high again in my life. Curled up in my bed and couldnt move for 3 hours....

    ahh to be a virgin smoker once again
  14. WTF?Her parents blood test her for drugs?Even though she's never even smoked pot before?Why do they do that?

    Anyways,the first time I ever smoked,obviously I was stoned as fuck(highest i've ever been and still chasing that high today haha)but I didn't experience any anxiety and I was even around my mom and sister.I actually experience more anxiety smoking now 3 and a half years later than I did back in my early days of smoking.

    Get some bomb ass bud for her first time,thats how my first time went down with some bud from a medical dispensary.
  15. You want to beat up a 4 year old?

    Real cool tough guy.
  16. hey if you are gonna fight 4 year olds you gotta go thru me first

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  17. You take me seriously? Real cool freakin' idiot.
  18. Stay away.
  19. I think it might be best if I did, too.
  20. I mean it in a caring way, nothing will piss you off more than a disgruntled parent of a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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