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  1. Since Friday my plants look a little sick? I have 2 Autos using 3/26 w Cfl's the other plant has 2/23w and 1/26w Cfl's. since Friday morning, the older plant had a dark green deficiency on just the end of 2 leaves. so the same day I just cut off the rotted part btw: plant sprouted 1/31 just watering it, No nutes. And my younger girl just started yellowing a little in the past 3 days. Sprouted 1/5 the left plant is the older. Any suggestions or feedback plz?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] this was just taken.

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  2. What are they planted in

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    Soil looks dry and plant looks like cal-mag deficient.

    Time to feed, IMO
  4. These look like they're pretty freshly potted. Am I right? If they are, the soil you've got them in is probably the culprit here. You shouldn't have any real deficiencies at this point with size container you've got them growing in unless you've given them nutes or something. Nutes are supposed to be given after the plant has had a chance to use up what naturally came in the soil mix. A lot of these soil mixes are loaded up with slow release fertilizers and will stunt a young plant a bit in the very beginning or burn it a little bit. Just water with plain water that is the correct pH (6.3 to 6.7) only when the container they're growing in feels as dry as it did when you loaded it with fresh soil to plant your seedlings/clones, etc. These things require defined wet/dry cycles to grow their best and really dislike having their roots in constant moist conditions. So give them tap water that is properly pH'd only after the container they're in is dry enough...and it should feel DEAD dry to you before you give anymore...and leave them alone for a few more days. More than likely, they'll come on out and do well. Looks like you've got them in some good soil but keep in mind that plant is going to do all it's rooting in before it does much growing in the foliage department, so don't think it's got problems start doing stuff to it like giving it water or feeding it or anything else. It's just doing it's thing, getting settled into the pot and putting roots out where it wants them. Once it's rooted in, you'll notice that it will start drinking more frequently and you'll see the foliage start to put out heavily again. Good luck! TWW
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