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Having a Bong delivered to my home.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PizzaboyAtCMU, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. So I'm planning on ordering a Bong and having it delivered to my house. I am 19 and have a Visa Card so ordering it is not a problem, however if I have it delivered to my house (My mothers house) should I be worried about the package saying "BONG" lol or anything of that sort? Also if it's delivered to my Mom's address will she be alerted by the website or anything of that sort? Thanks for the Help
  2. The bong is not illegal, yet. My friends and my self have ordered online before. feds wont care about bongs, you aren't on any kind of "list" either. I wouldn't sweat it.
  3. Generally the label for shippping is discrete, check the site. It is a tobacco pipe until you put pot in it :)
  4. You can try and get it sent to the post office and pick it up there when I arrives
  5. I forgot to mention its not that I'm afraid of the bong being illegal its the fact that my mom doesn't know I smoke and would probably freak out if she knew what I was spending my money on. Thanks for the advice though!
  6. Whenever I order stuff online I just pick it up at the post office anyway. I live in an apartment in Boston and don't trust people leaving my shit around lol.

    Get the tracking number, call the post office and tell then to just hold it and you'll pick it up. Shouldn't be a problem
  7. Every shipping box comes with a big red stamp that says "Here is your bong!!"
  8. I'm 20 now but had the same problem/question as you. You should be fine. I remember I freaked out when I ordered my first piece when i was 18 I thought the same exact way :) it got here, and it just had a regular return address so my parents didn't get suspicious. Although, I will say honestly that I've ordered a LOT of smoking accessories since then, and thought I'd always be safe until I ordered a vaporizer and thought nothing of it, came in the mail a couple days later and above their return address on the box they put their company name "Vapemaster" or something and my mom did unfortunately ask about that package and who "Vapemaster" was Lol, I just said I ordered a gift online for my friend (works every time with my mom). Also I've noticed on some websites under the "about" or "FAQs" page they will mention (if they're a smart company) that their business with you is completely confidential. Most should just have a regular return address but now, I double check the site or email them asking just in case ;)
  9. its not a bong, its a water pipe, haha. yeah i wouldnt sweat it as long as it can be theoretically used to smoke tobacco or "herbs"

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