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Havin Problems with KaZaA

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mighty Joe Bong, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Okay so i've got this song I made that I wanna spread round KaZaA a bit, but every time I try and search for me sharing it, it doesn't show up. Now i'm guessing that you can't search for your own files, but I got a friend to check and it wasn't showing up for him either.

    I know i'm sharing my files because I have it set to do that, and people have been downloading from me. So what do you think is the problem?
  2. its gotta be in the certain folder you have desegnated for people to download from, if thats not the problem, then I dunno, kazaa isnt the most reliable program in the world ;P
  3. Yeah it's in there.
  4. Hmm...maybe a forum made for Kazaa questions would be better than this one.
  5. brian hemmorage

    I did NOTHING of the sort to any BRIAN! huh!
  6. fuck!

    lol this is what you get for being alllllllll fooked


    i meant to quote meyslef, not edit..


    god, what a CHORE to rethink what I thought...


    sometimes when I do searches on kazaa, sometimes many many many searches over and over have to be done to find that one file...


    I explained this better before the pill kicked in :p

    whats the artist name/ song name etc etc??
  7. when you search for a file on kazaa, I think it searches only a few hundred or thousand people at a time. It would take far too long to search all 3 million or so users at once.
  8. watch out all you kazaa members, there craken down major, i wasn't taken all the warnings seirously my self but i guy i no got nabbed and there saying up to 100,000 per song! i meen that is incane ive got bout 800 songs that would put me out 80 million dollers! They said that they just take all of your property god waht they hell would you do!?
  9. I download ka-crap, 5mb's of spy ware and ad delivery crap.

    Figure I'll get around it by running my ad-aware, sure as shootin', there's enough crap on my drive to choke a horse.

    And after I throw it all out, kazaa takes a ka-dump.

    Now the part I can't figure out is, If kazaa sells a bunch of ad space software to people to get put on YOUR hard drive, why the hell is the music industry suing the users for royalties?

    How come they can't get a 1/8 cent from every pop-up bullshit ad that floats in across YOUR screen and let you share with people for free?

    Just something to think about....

    BTW, I use winMX, haven't looked for anything yet I haven't found.

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