Havesting lowryder-2 male?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hmmm123, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I have two lowryder plants growing at the moment both just over a month old ones a boy and the other a girl. I plan on collecting the pollen off the male and pollanating some of the lower branches of the female to get me some more seeds for my next grow. Just wondering what to do with him then. Seems a shame to just chuck him. There most be something he is gd for apart from getting pollen off?! Was wondering if it would be worth havesting him? By the way i have no bud at all so i'm even willing to try my male plant. Is it worth the effort? Or will there be no effects at all from smoking the male? Thanks in advance. If it is worth havesting him when would i havest him??? The same time as i do my female plant or what?
  2. good idea with the seeds

    but male plants do not make thc, it is not worth trying to smoke it
  3. keep the males and use them along with your trimmings to make bubble hash.
  4. I can't afford the bags to make bubble hash. So i need a cheap way to make hash guess i'm going to have to do a lot of research.

  5. Their are other ways to make hash besides bubble bags. Males aren't even worth trying to make hash out of though.

    In case you aren't doing this.....make sure that your male is in a separate garden from your female. When those sacks pop open, you wont be able to control how much your female gets unless you don't have any air movement in there. So if you want to pollinate her under a controled environment, make sure that the male isn't anywhere near her when it drops it's sacks or when you are taking pollin from it.
  6. The male is no where near my female plant. He went out to live in the green house as soon as i knew he was male. So there is no point in doing anything with him? I'm confussed i keep reading mixed things about the males.

    I'm not to bothered about the time it takes me, as long as there is some point to havrsting him. Even if i only get a very small high from him. It's better than nothing right?! I'm even willing to have headache the day after from smoking the male if it's going to have some effect.

  7. Well, you are on the right track to pollinate like you want to then.

    You really wont even want to smoke the male dude. Any time you have ever bought marijuana, you were buying female flowers. Males wont get you high at all, but you will get a headache. Trust me, if there was a useful purpose to the male plant other than pollination and the making of hemp products, it would be exploited. Stick with waiting on the female to get done, you wont be disappointed.

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