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  1. question about harvest?

    My plant is a Indica strain and has been budding for 7 weeks now, the trichomes are turning amber probly about 50% of them have changed color.

    The hairs on my plant are probly 5% red and the rest white.

    I dont get this some say when the hairs are 50% dark and some say when the trichomes are amber.

    My trichomes are amber and my hairs are not even close to 50% dark.


  2. Hey Andrew,

    I've bought and smoked (but not grown) plenty of weed in the past that was "white", the boys used to call it "COLLY", short for cauliflower weed...

    It's possible that your strain is already done, but I don't know for sure.
  3. Hi

    Dunno if this will help you dude, but I have a stack of grow guides off the net, copied and pasted a couple of paragraphs from 2 of them for you

    "Now is the time when all the hard work pays off. By now the buds and resin should be forming at a rapid rate. The time to harvest the plant is when 3/4 of the white pistil hairs have turned brown. Use a magnifying glass to examine the resin crystals on the leaves. They should appear amber right before you cut the plants. If they are clear the resin has not reached full potency. If they are brown then the resin has already peaked and potency is declining rapidly. When you go to harvest bring back packs to carry the plants. Cut the branches off and place them in paper bags. Remove the large lower leaves right there because they are unsuitable for smoking. Try not to shake the plants too much because the resin glands will fall off."


    "Plants are harvested when the flowers are ripe. Generally, they are considered ripe when the white pistils start to turn brown, orange, etc. and start to withdraw back into the false seed pod. The seed pods swell with resins usually reserved for seed production, and we have ripe buds with red and golden hairs.
    If harvested "early" with only a few of the pistils turned colour, the buds will have more pure THC and less CBD and CBN. A high level of THC gives a more cerebral “high”, while a high level of CBN and CBD has a more “stupid”, or hazy effect. Buds taken later, when fully ripened, will normally have these higher CBN and CBD levels and may not be what you prefer once you tried different samples picked at different times."

    Hope it helps
  4. If you have a lot of amber trichs, trim all your excess fan leaves, and rinse your pots with 1-2 gallons of plain (no nutes) water per day, for about 5- 7 days. Harvest before your trichs get too dark amber, if you want put some blackstrap mollasses in the rinse water, or just use plain water, get a bit of the green out of there. Sounds like you're almost done, buddy! Congrats!

    What strain are you growing? some strains don't get as colorful in the bud as others, so I just watch trich development.
  5. I started giving her pure water about a week ago.

    over 50% of the trichomes are amber but the hairs are mostly all white.

    it has been flowering almost 8 weeks now.

    I started putting her in a closet at night to force her to bud to mimic 12/12.

    Some of the hairs have turned red.

    I am going to take a small piece off and try it out.

    Here is a picture from 5 minutes ago :D


  6. I have no idea what strain it is. Indica variety.

    Is it a good idea to remove all the fan leafs for the last week or so?

    If yes why?


  7. smoke it up, how big of a bush do you have?
  8. I think its going to produce about 4.2 million pounds...

    maybe off by a gram or two.

  9. thats some good lookin stuff dude
  10. thank you. wait until you see my indoor grow! :hello:

  11. 4.5 millon pounds nice man. I should be getting around 12 million then lol.

    Nice plant BTW.

  12. does anyone think this looks close to readY????

    Thanks for the comments. I got my tripod out and took a marco shot :)

  13. not yet but its real close
  14. If you want more of a "cerebral" high - take it now. If you want more of a "couchlock" high, wait until some more of the hairs turn color. It's totally up to you and how you want it to work for you.

    IMHO, it's ready now (but I like more of the cerebral effect). It looks like most of the hairs coming out of the calyx's are red, and with 50% of the trichs being amber, it sounds like perfect timing to me. As Edge69 said, your strain's hairs may not turn like other strains do.

    Do you only have the one plant? If you have more than one, you could take one now and take another in 7-10 days. Either way, it looks like it's going to be great, so it's a question that only you can answer! I took two of my last grow with less than 50% amber trichs and very few red hairs and it was still better than most meds that I've gotten from clubs...

    If you wait, just remember that when the balls on the tips of the trichs start to break off, that means it's past it's peak and that it's beginning to break down...

    Good luck!
  15. awsome im gonna give it 3-4 more days then she is comming down.

    I only have the one. Limited room in my apartment but we just bought a nice house so...... :D

    When would you say is the best time of day to harvest? after a nice sunny day at night or in the morning?

    Thanks for the comments

  16. cabby: how long would you give her?


  17. pullit when it stinks the most
    the buds look a little small remember they shrink to bout 1/3 of the size
    when you think its ready add a week
  18. Your best bet would to get a 60x-100x microscope from radiashack and check out dem trichs.
  19. From what I've read, morning (or after the lights come on) is the best time to harvest. THC is supposed to be at the maximum within the first 2 hours of the new day's sunlight... If it's good bud - as yours looks like it is - I don't really think there will be a noticeable difference, IMHO... I've harvested all times of the day and night with no noticeable difference...

    Good Luck!
  20. Yes i did get a scope to look at the trichoms and they are 50% amber and all cloudy.

    she is really stinky when I bring her in at night and put her in the closet the whole aparment reeks when i get up in the morning!

    Yes the buds are small the whole plant is small. I used a very little pot and she grew on my tiny ass balcony.

    I have a indoor crop starting now. Cinderella99, White Widow and Northern Lights X AK47

    she is comming down on Thursday morning :D give her a few days of some nice sun.

    Thanks for the comments


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