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havent smoked in a 2 months, REALLY missing it!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by suburbanred89, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. trying to get a job, and this no weed thing is killing me, i really miss it. but on the bright side, ill have no tolerance once i do smoke! :D
  2. Chill dude, time to take a break from Mary. It ain't gonna kill you, hold strong.
  3. im holding on, but it just made my nights more exciting
  4. its tough dude. im on a break against my own will. just think about your first high afterwards. its gonna be sooo EPIC
  5. how much did u harvest and that sucks but ya the tolerence thing works
  6. I totally feel both of you.

    I would start to foam at the mouth if I had to stop smoking tomorrow.

    Like that above the influence commercial, I'd be like:

    How 'bout next week?
  7. i smoked the last of it on August 5th and made sure i had none left to temp myself with. but life goes on, hope i get a job soon
  8. Job market sucks today.

    Good luck mate.
  9. im trying to get a job at the library right down the road, they pay a damn good $12.51 an hour starting. did the skills test and got a 90%. so i feel confident:D
  10. hahaha hes been holding strong on for 2 months now...
    hes got it, brah:cool:

    and yea op, your ARE going to enjoy that low tolerance:D
  11. When I'm zoned it's hard to connect 2 and 2 you know. I'll see the title but completely forget about it the moment I'm in the thread.

    Prob. just me.

  12. thanks for the positive reenforcement, it helps haha :wave:

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