Havent Smoked In 60 Days.

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  1. Hey what's up y'all. I have been sober for 60 days. I believe the reason I quit or went on this break was to prove to myself I'd be able to quit whenever I wanted to. Well I got the deed done. My original goal was to go a month and after 30 days see how I felt. Well after that first month things started going my way and I felt pretty good so I said I'd keep it going. This is with sitting in front of my friends smoking, rolling blunts for them, and even picking up weed for them. I'm happy with the self control I was able to maintain. However now that I've made it two months I want to smoke but don't at the same time. I feel as though if I do then ill just be disappointed in myself. I'm not really sure why as I love weed and have far exceeded my goals. I said when I quit that when I can back I would bake a weed cake and eat it because my tolerance has always been so high I've never felt the full effect from am edible probably because I never ate enough. (I know how to bake. Believe me the feedback I've gotten from others who have tried my edible have been outstanding remarks). Just wondering how you guys have felt after really long breaks then coming back to weed. I was an extremely heavy smoker. Around 5-6 times a day including at least one blunt a day plus bowls, vapes, and other smoking utensils. Thanks. Your opinions are appreciated.
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    First of all, congratulations, dude!
    I've never consciously taken a break from toking before, so I can't give you that sort of rich advice, but I can see how you might be feeling such a way. Don't feel bad about it, bro. You've accomplished more than you set out to, and you did it for yourself. If you had quit because weed was controlling your life and becoming a problem, then stay away. But you took a break as a personal goal and now you've accomplished that.
    Indulge, brother!
  3. Toasty has it right. Congrats on surpassing a goal. If you feel like you wanna indulge in the herb again, there's nothing wrong with it unless it was controlling your life or causing problems in it.

    I'll be 2 weeks sober on Wednesday, funny thing is, I still have a fresh 1/8th waiting for me minus 1 pvhes shorty bowl pack. I picked up a bag the day before I got a call back for a new job (I'm a week out from finishing up my 5th year at walmart, I needed a new change of scenery).

    Taking a break is relieving, it lets you see if you really do control your needs.

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    well thank you to both of you.  I smoked before reading this but lets say my friends welcomed me back home with 4 blunts and a gravity bong.  :smoking: I was stonedd and felt amazing.  Dont regret it smoking last night or today.
  5. I went 16 years without smoking weed once  :confused_2:
    I have to agree indulge!!!
  7. For a job or personal choice? Or other lol
  8. That's really insightful to me! I'm on day 76/120 for probation, and I feel like I'm almost the complete opposite. The first two months weren't bad but now I crave a bowl more than ever! I know that the day I get off, I'm gonna have a shiny new glass piece and a half ounce waiting for me. I too watched as my friends went on bowl rides, took grav hits, broke it down using my grinder I let them borrow until I get off...shit's tough for me to watch sometimes but at the same time I like to be around it.
  9. I wouldn't feel bad toking up again because you've proved it's not a necessity in your life
  10. its weed dude. you would be disappointed in yourself? You think you got something good going then keep it going, but lets be real
    its weed 
    Lol from birth till age sixteen is what I meant  :laughing:
  12. man I'm smoking right now
    mmmmmmm sho am good
    This is pretty much what I was going to say, except worded a lot better! Do what feels right man, you set a goal, and you doubled it. You deserve to do whatever you want without feeling bad about yourself!
  14. Good job I have just embarked on my journey to inner clarity as well

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