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Haven't smoked in ~5 months

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HKArmy, May 10, 2011.

  1. I stopped smoking in December because I was looking for a job and didn't want to fail testing for jobs.

    However, I haven't found a job in some time and I'm getting irritated as all hell and it's my birthday and I want to smoke.

    If I smoke just once today, do you think it would stay in my system for quite some time?

    I'm 6'2" 220 lbs, not much fat. The worst thing I fear of is I'd fail a hair test indefinitely.

    Gah :(
  2. They make it so we can't even get jobs if we smoke a plant... what do they want from us... fuck
  3. honestly i think you'd be fine
  4. OK this is a serious question - Do you really have to genuinely worry about getting drug tested for a job in the US?
  5. Yeah most jobs drug test you in the US
  6. Drug tested upon being accepted for a new job? Absolutely.

    Drug testing while being regularly employed? Not so much, depends on the field.

  7. yes sadly almost everyone of them...

    any company that is big enough to fund drug test will.

    if you get lucky and find a small business run by an individual they won't waste their money to drug test you, there's more important things to do.
  8. Fucking joke if you do - what about human rights? The problem is big pharma make the drug test I bet and it's just another revenue stream for them......

    ..... or am I being paranoid?


  9. Oh no, you are EXACTLY right. That is all that it is. Just another revenue stream for big business. The only thing a pre employment test ever catches is THC, because it's one of the only things that actually stays in your body long enough to catch.

    Like if you are a cocaine user, you just have to quit for like 3 days before the test and you are clear....

  10. That's just total bollocks - fucking with peoples lives when it has nothing to do with work or your job is just fucking gay if you ask me!!

    Two of my best designers are stoned all day long and they produce amazing work and make the company loads.

    I am very pleased we don't have this in the UK :mad:

  11. take a few huge bong rips, get baked. then by the time you find the job you'll be fine.
  12. You should be fine for a drug test if you haven't smoked for five months and then want to blaze for a day.

    As for the hair follicle test I'm not sure. Guess it depends on how often you cut your hair? I mean I shave my head and I generally cut my hair every 3 weeks or so, so if you haven't smoked in 5 months then you should be ok right? Assuming you got a haircut? Or maybe that's not how it works, idk I haven't really looked into it. sorry I'm rambling damn wake and bake lol
  13. enjoy your t break bro and go rip a bong for sure if you find a job you will do what is necessary to get clean

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