haven't smoked in 2 days

Discussion in 'General' started by erock850, May 26, 2009.

  1. i need weed badly ive smoked 5 blunts in on week and i started smokin last sunday
  2. Shit has officially hit the fan
  3. you'll live.
  4. Nice bumping your thread with your other s/n.
    jk maybe
  5. I'll alert the press.
  6. If you are already being drawn to Marijuana this early after starting, you should just quit now.
  7. Haha no that's deff not me
  8. Congratulations. U are addicted to weed prepare to put many dicks in ur mouth to support ur disgusting habit. Jk
  9. Quick! To the methadone clinic!
  10. Cool story, bro!
  11. hahahahaa, thats funny as fuck man, hahaha

  12. i have weed and you dont.
  13. ... lucky ... :(
  14. Cry me a fuckin' river.
  15. that hurts.. but also funny.. funny > hurt. i like you
  16. but its only a gram, so it wont last me that long. :(

    thanks :cool:
  17. broski, welcome to a world of weed deprivation. this'll happen, get used to it

  18. ,,,sadly...this man speaks the truth
  19. Well you could always try peanut shells or banana peels.

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