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Haven't been this high a loooong, time off a 0.4!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FreedomIsSmoked, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Jeez Louis! I haven't been this fucking wripped in AGES! I am totally rejoicing right now, and laughing like a maniac! My heart is racing like a horse, and my eyes are buldging red like red gum balls! :smoking: My hands type on the keyboard like a high-speed machine, and I'm definatly getting that strobe light thing in my vision. :hippie:

    My favourite method of smoking is a joint. A nice old-fashioned hand rolled joint for a personal sesh is all I need, as well as the great outdoors. Because I haven't been able to smoke a joint since school started, I've been craving the dank like crazy. It's dry season right now because winter is here, so picking weed is greatly unavailable.

    My friend got me a Q of some potent shit :yay: I was excited when he delivered it and quickly had a little seshie <3

    I had ZERO tolerance and got majorly fucked up. My neighboor pulled into her driveway, 40 feet away from where i was smoking my spliff. She says outloud, "Someone's smoking weed". At first I tripped and paranoid, until I realized that I am invincable. My neighbors smell my weed all the time, but the never say a thing to my parents because they know not to interfere with our families privacy.

    The craving for weed has been satisfied, after waiting for such a long time. And having no tolerance amplified the high x10. Don't you love this feeling? What was it like when you were reunited with Mary Jane?
  2. Lucky. My tolerance is based off of smoking daily since september...which is why I'm on a T break, maybe in a week or two I'll join you ;)

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