Haven't been on in a while

Discussion in 'General' started by SkunkWoodz, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Just moved to portland so I haven't really had access to internet. Some of you may remember me. I'm from boise but now i'm downtown ptown. just wanted to drop a line and let ya'll know i'll be posting again :devious::D
  2. nice, nice. move for school or job? anyways I wouldn't be surprised if you're not already getting much better weed. would I be right? Ha take it easy.
  3. Yup goin to school at pcc. Oh and the weed is rediculous here. I had some chocalate chunk that was cured for over 6 months. Smokin on some super queen right now
  4. Welcome to back to the City of Grass, and welcome to the other City of Grass as well! ;);)

    P-town rocks. Glad you decided to.. you know, help "keep Portland weird" as they say. :smoking:

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