Havent Been On Here In Forever

Discussion in 'General' started by Zlideways, May 20, 2013.

  1. no more "likes" or "rep"??? dafaq gc

  2. Like system still works. 
  3. I never really cared about the rep anyway. It's like "oohhh I got one more light green square than you do" lol who cares?
    Welcome back, I advise you use the color chnager in the top right to get it back to GC orinial color.
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    Rep points from the previous system have been converted to our new likes value and new likes received add to the value. There is also a 5 star rating system on everyone's profile. Rep had to be removed due to incompatibility with the new software as well as because the comment system was generally a strain on the servers since it required its own data tables, etc. The old rep system was also subject to much abuse because people would use it as a secret comment system to send inappropriate things since it was difficult to report them, which added a lot of extra work for the Moderating Team. The new system eliminates such issues as well as still providing the old feelings of community by seeing other members like your posts.

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