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  1. Well guys, I just need some advice.. I can make it short.. I have been a loner just about all my life, but now it's getting worse, I am nineteen and I sit in my house all day.. I do nothing at all - However, I feel the need to change, I go to school and almost have my GED, But I don't know what to do.. I have goals, ambitions, but I don't have the strive to reach out and get them.. I won't even get a job because I'm so paranoid.. What should I do? THanks, and negative rep will be given to those who are assholes and say mean things.. I didn't ask for that..

  2. im in the same boat, try growing hundreds of ganja plants.
  3. I'd go see someone if you feel this way. Why would you be paranoid to get a job? I'd be fucking juiced.

  4. Because of shit that happened back in High School.. I still get threatened for it, and the irony is that I did not even do anything.. :(
  5. paranoid aye? ever thought about not smoking weed?

  6. It makes me feel better, and makes me a lot less paranoid.
  7. Hang out with your family. I know you are thinking of more friends and everything. But when you start hanging out with cousins and everything, you can start hanging out with them and their* friends. Talk to kids who don't bother you for what ever happened in High School.

    I assume you have family, sorry if you don't :\
    And, depending on what you did in high school, doesn't concern me, so I am just giving ideas.

    Also, the only way to not be a loner is to be social. I tell this to my friend all the time. He kind of gets anti-social around big groups of people he doesn't know. I don't pick on him or anything, I just tell him he has to speak up more. Maybe that's what you gotta do.

  8. the spot where it begins is where you give up on yourself and begin to rationalize. you need to stop worrying about what might go wrong and take a risk in the real world. surely sometimes these risks will result in something that you dislike however you can learn from these experiences and continue to move on and progress. you are awesome and you don't even know it
  9. Push yourself man. The only person who can truly help is YOU.! The first day at work will be tough, sure. But the second day is always fine.
  10. I never expected to actually get replies, but.. That doesn't solve my problem, I've known all of this for so long. 'Push yourself,' 'Be social'.. I know all of that.. but how do I do it? :/
  11. Sounds like you need a healthy dose of man the fuck up!

    Make paranoia your bitch. The only way to get rid of your fears is to face them.

    Right now think about what scares you the most. Identify your fear. Recognize it. Then face it.

  12. 1. Being ridiculed in public and having to face that.
    2. Being beaten up/bullied in public.
    3. Being seen my high school kids that know me(even though it was four years ago), and being ridiculed or threatened by them in public.

    How do I face those fears? :/
  13. we honestly can't really tell you because the amount of circumstances that come into play in any given moment are so large that it is unfathomable. only you in that moment can be yourself and strive to be your best.

    edit; when dealing with psychological 'knowings' you only really know something until you have done it, other than that you only have an instruction manual.
  14. Work out and beat them all up :hello:
  15. Or.. grab an iPod, put every Half Life/Half Life 2 song on it, get HEV suit and Crowbar and tell them, "Fuck you all, I AM GORDON FUCKIN' FREEMAN."

  16. TBH I love you. I have all those soundtracks on my ipod as well. Half-Lifes are my favorite FPS, same with F.E.A.R. :D
  17. Out of them all, which is your favorite?
    Half Life 1,
    Half Life 1 - Blue SHift
    Half Life 1 - Opposing SHift
    Half Life 2
    Half Life 2 - Episode 1
    Half Life 2 - Episode 2?

    Mine are 1, 2, and Ep 2. :D Also, friend me?

  18. you should look into counseling and anti-depressants. it definitely sounds like your clinically depressed bro. you may think you dont need it but if you dont like the idea of medication then counseling WILL help you.
  19. If confronted, just flat out declare " Listen up you dumbshit, # 1 that wasn't me who did it. #2 I have grown up since High School, why haven't you"?

    Consider a self defense class, hopefully you will never need the skills you learn, but it will also help you to build confidence. :smoke:

  20. Also great way to make new friends, or atleast talk to someone new. You just have to go out and try new things, say you aren't a huge fan of basketball, go shoot some hoops and try it out, who knows you could love it or meet someone new. The world is yours, but you still have to go and reach for it.

    Hope this helped you out, I also hope that you accomplish what you're trying to do!

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