Haven't been getting as high as i used to

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SocketSmoker, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Ive been smoking for a couple months now and the last couple times i've smoked i haven't felt that high. Can it be cause i'm smoking with someone i don't really like smoking with? Or maybe i'm telling myself i'm not high and tricking my body? Or do i just need to take a break? i couldn't find any other person with a similar problem so any word of advice would be good. and the weed isn't the problem lol
  2. I dab half a gram a sesh and barly get high anymore. You need a tolerance break. Im on one right now
  3. would a week break be good?
  4. Yup, but if you smoke like me (17 g if flower a week or 3.5g of wax a week) your tolerance will be back in no time
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  5. I love smoking but hate when my tolerance is too high so I often take breaks. When I decide to smoke again I find I only need a couple hits and I'm done! Super light weight. That's the upside to not smoking very often.

  6. Yea my tolerance is through the friggin roof cuz I smoke almost constantly and all I can get is the high grade stuff. I know I need to take a break, but I tend to just wanna stay high all the time.

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