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Havent been able to get high for 3 months

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TokeSmokeChill, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Been smoking for 2 years now and I dont know whats happened, i just stopped getting high and this also goes for alcohol as well, I cant feel it mentally like I used to. I stayed completely sober for one month and also tried to consume omega-3, but was really disappointed when I smoked again and didnt get high still.

    Ive tried to smoke 1 gram very quickly to see if anything happens, but nothing. I tried edibles and all they do is make me sleep. Ive tried a few different dealers, but still nothing.

    I get red eyes, but I dont feel high mentally and body highs never happen. Ive been a toker for 2 years now and Ive been to amsterdam, so I know how a good 10/10 high feels like.

    Only reason Ive still been smoking it is to help me sleep and to hope it will feel good again. Its hard to just quit and lose all hope. Im just lost right now but soon I may call it quits, even though it hurts to think about that.
  2. A holiday will lower your Tolerance

    a little self discipline will help

  3. Hey, I already stayed sober for one whole month but nothing changed. I dont know if a longer one will help, but i may just do it anyway if I can find some motivation.
  4. Well it seems like you are getting some of the effects of being high but not the great ones. I would suggest completely quitting for 2 months or more. I know it'll be hard since you seem to be an everyday smoker but it'll be so much fun once you start back and can enjoy it again

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