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Haveany of you ever imagined a world where everyone tokes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by J E D I, May 13, 2011.

  1. I honestly think Weed and Peace are synonymous, am I alone on this? I can't see people smoking a blunt a day and saying crazy shit like "I want to invade this place or that place" or taking other hallucinogens that are mind opening and altering..

    I honestly think that Weed is illegal not only because of it's hidden medical values (which are huge) and Hemp which pretty much is the best fiber in the world, or that it leads to drugs like shrooms/LSD which are even more mind opening...

    I believe weed cures hate, you analyze a lot more when stoned, you might think "hey that kids a douche" then you smoke a blunt with him and he ends being really cool or you notice he is really just insecure about himself

    Our egos is what cause all of the problems in the world, LSD/WEED/Shrooms bring down our egos and chill us out... make us think rationally.

  2. Right now it's like..


    But if they smoked a blunt he'd find a kitten and be like

  3. I think this is our imagined world where everyone already tokes. Literally.
  4. Thought of it when I was high.
  5. Everyone on the planet should be forced to smoke one joint a year.

  6. lol make that a day :hello:
  7. No then i wouldnt feel so cool

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